2009 Mac

Are there going to be tickets available at the door Sat. night? I'm not concerned about preferred seating just want to make sure I can get in the door.
Yeah, there shouldn't be an issue with that, the venue is a very nice size and also has a balcony. Stop by and say hi, I'll be the one playing with all the ribbons, medals & scholarships and getting them ready for the judges, or running around the on-deck area getting people ready to go on the floor. It all happens in the same corner, so look for the red head that will probably be really tired by Saturday night...:D


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Mandicraft, your post made me think of a question.

Do you know if VIP ticket holders are going to be assigned seats within the section (like last year), or if it is going to be open seating within the section (as it has been sometimes in the past)?

Trying to figure out the odds on CCP getting to sit in an optimal position for photos on Friday night. There is no way we can be there when the session starts at 3:30. (We are going to pull our 1st grader out of school right after lunch, but we still have a bit of a shlep from MD.)
Most people in the VIP section won't be getting to the Manhattan Center won't be getting there until 6ish and we will be discussing this issue later tonight. Which would you all prefer - reserved or open seating in the VIP section? :argue:


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Most people in the VIP section won't be getting to the Manhattan Center won't be getting there until 6ish...
On a slightly unrelated note -- is there a plan to better handle getting the crowd up to the ballroom? Last year during the big influx before the evening session, there was such a long line for the overcrowded elevator that I took the stairs while lugging all of my stuff with me. I don't remember how many flights it was, but I remember it was a lot.

Perhaps preference for access to the ballroom can be given first to those people dancing in the session??


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I kind of liked having reserved seats. Of course, we were spoiled by Bithi, who set us up last year and gave CCP exactly what he wanted. (He likes to sit on what I would describe as the far left side of the stage, so that when dancers are coming down the line of dance, they are facing him...in case anyone is taking notes. :) )

It took a little pressure off the trip, knowing that we had the seats we wanted.

I don't want to be high maintenance, so if assigned seats are more of a pain to the committee, that's fine too. I'm sure we'll have a great time either way.


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The doors will be open at 2:00 pm and the session starts at 3:30. We have worked with the Manhattan Center to make sure that the doors open on time.


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It was mentioned a while back that the Latin was to be S/C/R/P/J compared to the 'norma'' C/S/R/P/J, and that we were going to see this announced. Is this true? Is it really S/C/R/P/J?
skwiggy Last year during the big influx before the evening session said:
haha last year a friend of mine ran up the stairs to my rescue as i was ready to pass out from a sudden attack of some awful stomach bug :p i remmeber him bursting thru the door on the top floor, and my last thought (that made sense) being "holy crap that was fast" lolz

def looking forward to a much less painful mac this year ;)


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Question regarding costume rules.

In the past costumes have always been permitted for Masters of Syllabus. Someone mentioned she thought she wasn't allowed to wear a costume for this event, so I went to the web site to double check. It only refers you to the USA Dance costume rules, which have been recently revised and don't appear to specifically mention Masters of Syllabus. Soooo, are costumes still allowed for this category?


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I just want to say that my partner was feeling nervous about having last minute issues with costume regulations, so I emailed the MAC email address to just confirm my costumes were fine. And I had an answer back in under 10 minutes...no joke.

Daphna, you guys are wonderful! Thanks for being so responsive!

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