2012 DF Silent Auction!


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I need to hear more about these limeys. How do these compare to lemon bars? Because I love lemon bars. It took every ounce of willpower I had not to buy an oversized lemon bar at the North Market at OSB. But you know...if I HAD to bid on something like that to help a good cause...I mean, that's a totally different situation, isn't it? ;)


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a word of caution, when you bid, it might take you to a prompt that says your bid didn't work....before you bid again, go back and check to see if it went through because, it worked for me even though it said it didn't...


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Think "the best sugar cookie I've ever had" and then add lime to it. That's a limey.
And while mine aren't actually limies, they are butter cookies with gobs of citrus zest and lime juice, cornmeal for texture, pressed in sugar and pistachios and coated with a lime, sugar and tequila glaze. (I'll leave the tequila out if the winner prefers them sans alchohol.)

Since I did a turrible job of writing a description of them in the auction listing.


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In the interest of justice, I would like to point out the unfairness of the fact that home-canned goods were MY IDEA and some unknown character or characters are bidding up the price. Just sayin.


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Can't quote ATM, but yes, Pyg was the inspiration for the canned goods.

And I would like to point out that there are TWO lots of canned goods up for auction (slight difference between them). The second lot has no bids currently.

Just sayin.


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I don't think I mentioned it in this year's thread, yet. People who are not inclined to donate items or bid on items can always make a cash donation. Just sayin.

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