2012 DF Silent Auction!


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I'm guessing some people are waiting it out and going to try to snipe their way into some DF goodies. (Personally, I figure the higher the numbers go the better for DF, so started placing my bids early.) In any case, thanks to everyone who donated, bid, will bid, or is sending out psychic messages to stimulate bidding.


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Actually, that's not my problem., despite my protestations to the contrary. My problem is that I want everything -- Peaches' canned goods, 3wishes' cookies, j_a's pound cake and limeys, sami's whoopie pies. Decisions. Decisions. *sigh*

Just in case anyone was holding out based on my *jokes* I can say definitively that j_a and 3w can throw down when it comes to baked goods. And peaches' apple butter and bbq sauce are world class. Seriously. Bid, folks. Bid.


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Lip service...lessee some bidding!

(BTW, Whoopie Pies handily fall into the cake category...though they are called pies and look like sammich cookies!) :)


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I have just done my best to run up prices on the tequila lime cookies, b/c seriously, they're supposed to be competition for my Limeys. (Un-huh. Sure. Whatev.) How will I know how high to set the bar if I don't win Jude's?


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I'm doing my part!

Also, just added a couple photos of some bangles I had made previously to give you an idea of size. They are fantastically sparkly and stand out beautifully. Perfect christmas gift for one of your dancer friends ;) Come on people, the rhinestones themselves are worth more than $5!


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Hey, folks, according to the DF Auction countdown Calendar, it's almost crunch time -- "crunch" being the operative term... BID! FEED YOUR HABIT as well as yourself!

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