2013 MAC


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Will be trying to make sure its 40 x 80, but it may be a little smaller, at 36 x 76 it will all depend on the final floorplan.


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Just wanted to remind everyone that the MAC will be happening on its regular weekend. We have weathered finding a new location and Sandy yet the MAC survives. Please don't forget to register and buy your VIP tickets to experience the ultimate in MAC service and enjoyabilty. See you all there.
I'm not competing it this year, but from everything I hear, you will have a significantly sized contingent from Vermont registered at some point. If everyone goes, it'll be the most participants the UVM team has ever sent to the MAC!


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As soon as our listserves go back up we shall be sending more announcements out to our team about it -_-

I can't go this year :/ Standard partner will be defending in late Jan. and no Latin partner still... :(

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