2013 USA Dance Nationals - LA


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yeah there is a difference in quality

senoirs are often married or in a relationship the passion and caring for their partners shows through much more than some 18 year latin speed demon who makes faux faces at the audiece coz his coach told him too

so he has a triple pirouette who cares its not ballet

sick with a cold.. humor tends to darken then sorry
LOL. True!!


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haha no just wondering if I'll ever get to fit it all in!

I've always wanted to go to an LA nationals but I don't think I'll manage it this year :( then I'll have to wait another two it seems...

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I've started a thread on the USA Dance National Championship page about suggestions for making life easier at Nationals. Please go to that page, like us, and post any questions you may have about Nationals there so that questions and answers are collected in one spot and easy for one and all to find. See you in April.

Here are the highlights of what I posted on FB. I'll try to make sure that I update this site as I update the other.

Please buy your admission tickets prior to the event and on-line. Reserved evening tickets are assigned on a first come/first pay basis so the earlier you order and pay for your tickets the better the seats will be.

If you want great seats for the entire weekend, get front row reserved (good for all sessions) but can only buy for the entire weekend. Or VIP tickets, table service and best seats in the house.

Please check the dress code. It will be strictly enforced at Nationals. We will ask parents/coaches to come up to the dais if there is a problem during the events. Please listen and come up and speak to the invigilators.

Please check the syllabus steps. There will be inviglators at Nationals. See the note above. Same statement holds.

If ease in check-in and keeping everthing smooth and easy, please come in plenty of time to check-in. The day before is best, but if that isn't possible, come to registration as early as possible. Coming an hour before you are scheduled to dance, is really not a good idea since usually the process takes at least a 1/2 hours in the best of times and if you need to be on deck 1/2 prior to the listed event, you will be really pushing and will probably end up stressing out. Come early for no stress :)


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Thanks, that would be great.
I was able to reserve Thursday-Sat evenings at the USA Dance rate, but had to reserve Sunday under a separate reservation at their normal rate.


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If everyone who has already reserved a room for Sunday night, at the regular rate rather than the USA Dance rate will PM me with your reservation names, reservation number and email, I'll be able to get that rate changed. Before I release more rooms I want to make sure that everyone who has reserve early get our rate. Thanks



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Anyone else in the same boat, people please ask around. I'd like to send the hotel one or at the most two emails with peoples information in order to reduce confusion. Please PM me with your info.

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