60th Annual Kolo Festival - San Francisco - Nov 25 & 26, 2011


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Kolo Festival is held each year on Thanksgiving weekend in the San Francisco area. This year it will be at City College of San Francisco in the (relatively new) wellness center.

Dance classes on Friday and Saturday will be taught by John Filcich, Steve Kotansky and Bata Marčetić, and siniging by Tanya Varimezova, Radka Varimezova and Danilo Yanich. The parties on both evenings will have live music in two rooms for dancing.


Many of the dances done in the evenings can be picked up and enjoyed easily. As far as classes, the kolos taught by John Filcich from 1-2 each day are relatively simple and fun. John is one of the founders of of the festival and has an exceptional knowledge of the material.

This can be a great introduction to folk dancing, particularly if you have someone to explain things. If you are intrigued by this and would like to attend, PM me and we can arrange a meet-up. I would be happy to "show you the ropes".


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I will be away from the internet for a while, so I may not respond to a PM immediately ... but I will respond before Kolo Festival, if you're interested.

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