A new kind of dance competition?


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Swingolder said:
Now that video is really silly -- they aren't even real cats!
They are real cats, but it is motion created from photographs.

I was given the book Dancing with Cats several years ago, and it is a hoot. I still haven't figured out if they are poking fun at cat owners or are serious.
Dancing with dogs is something I just recently learned about... We just purchased a yellow lab puppy (Motza) and in reading a magazine about things you can do with your dog, it talked about training them with choreographed routines. Sounds like it could be fun, but a ton of hard work.

I also have the Dancing with Cats book, and I think it's a real thing...not a joke. As a belly dancer, I know my cats would certinaly dance with me if I pulled my veils out and worked with them. I'm just to scared they'll ruin them.

Being also a belly dancer my first exposure to dancing with cats was the cat accompanying the lady with the veil. She must go through a lot of veils, or else the cat is declawed.

I also can't figure out if it's for real or a joke. Either way, it's funny! I was wondering about choreographing something for them, perhaps a group piece to a suite of industrial music, like electric can openers with different frequencies. Cats don't take correction well and are notoriously difficult to motivate, but can openers seem to get them moving, at least.
Cats must be declawed... Mine are as well, but even then they still have -
those sharp little teeth!

Interesting thought with the can openers... You'll have to let us know if you end of doing it!

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