Advice on studios in Antwerp and Rotterdam.


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Hello everyone !

I'm looking for , as the title suggests , some info on the studios in Antwerp(Belgium) and Rotterdam(Netherlands). I am an open level amateur competitor from eastern Europe and I might be relocating to one of these west Europe cities. Of course I will be looking for a new partner and to compete again over there , but for starters I need to find a new studio where I can continue to learn and practice international standard and latin. Google-ing has so far only led me to social level studios and web sites in Dutch , so if anyone can give me some heads up on these particular towns it would very much appreciated.
Hey Hart! These are a little further away, but I've been meaning to check out the GangAmsterdam studio (Amsterdam), and perhaps somewhere down the line Ruud Vermey & Max Winkelhaus' DutchDanceLab (Aalsmeer). They'll be about a 45/60 minute drive from Rotterdam.

If you search for "danssport" on google maps, it seems there are a few options around the Rotterdam area, it seems Elshout is the NL base for Team Diablo (that's Langella, Goffredo, Bosco and co., yes?), about 40mins by car from Rotterdam. The Dutch dancesport association, Nederlandse Algemene DansSport Bond (NADB), could be a good place to start looking too. Hope this helps! Sadly my Flemish isn't so hot, so my googling stopped at the belgian border, sorry :p


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Hey twothreefourone !
I've had the pleasure of working with Ruud Vermey and Max Winkelhaus , I am definitely considering DDL , I will also look up the GangAmsterdam Studio and Elshout.
I see I have some nice options , thought NADB seems like the best choice until I get a car over there.
Thank you very much for your help.

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