Another Shoe question - Narrow vs. Regular Width

I'm trying to determine if I need narrow width shoes before I chuck out the extra money for them to be custom made. This sort of applies to both my Latin and Standard but I was specifically noticing it in my Standard shoes last night.

I've been using the supadance 1008 (round toe with elastic) for practice and lessons and I have a pair of unworn 1016 (round toe with no elastic) for performences and competions. But, I noticed last night that my practice shoes were sort of loose after about 2 hours of dancing and it was mostly in the arch area. Granted the shoes are over a year old and really nice and worn in but the slippage thing has only been occuring recently. I think the length is okay, I'm wearing a 4.5 and my US size is a 6.5 (sometiems 6 or 7 depending on the cut, wish there was more consistency). I did try on the 4 when I bought them and had to wedge my foot into it an could barely walk. I am thinking the 1016s will probably do the same thing as the 1008s once worn in.

So, all that being said, I was thinking a narrow shoe might help fix up the slipping problem. It especially happens when I'm focused on articulating my feet properly. Could just be that i'm pointing my foot too much, not sure.

Anyway, I have never purchased narrow shoes and was wondering if they are more narrow thoughout the whole shoe, upper and sole etc. (I'd just wear the plastic straps but I don't really like the way they look.)

Thoughts? Ideas? Experience from others? All much appreciated. :D


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Hmmm...well, all I can contribute is this...

I have very narrow feet and *always* wear narrow latin shoes, some of which still don't seem to be narrow enough. I've never had to buy narrow ballroom shoes, though, and like you, I wear the 1008 (elasticized). I'd be nervous about buying them in narrow if you can't return them. But, Tasche might be able to help you out more in this department as she had posted some information about stretching out shoes the other day.

Good luck!
Satin shoes will stretch. Not a lot, but enough to notice. If yours are a year old what you probably need is a new pair in the same size (assuming they fit well when you got them), not a narrower size.

I wear Supadance 1016s. When I first take them out of the box they fit me like a glove. I know this will probably cause some women to cringe, but I compete in them without breaking them in because they feel so good to me brand new. Once they've seen a few competitions and get retired to practice shoes, though, they start getting a little loose. My current practice pair is just about dead and is loose through the arch.

Another thing you should know if the shoes are feeling funky through the arch: it is possible to bend that metal shank in the shoe. Ask me how I know... :shock:


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Elizabeth, you are not alone. When people talk about "breaking in" their Standard shoes my eyes kind of glaze over because I pretty much don't know what they are talking about. I like the way my shoe-of-choice fits right out of the box, and after about six or eight competitions they start getting too slippy in certain places so I turn them into practice shoes and wear them with extra padding, elastics, etc. to keep them snug. I can't even get my feet into a smaller size, so I know it's not that I'm buying the shoes too big to begin with. It's interesting to know that I'm not the only person who feels this way.
I actually find that satin fill stretch alot more than leather.

To determine whether you need a wide or narrow fitting you should really compare the spade of your foot to the insole of your shoe.

I myself have a wide foot and when I wear normal fit latin shoes I can make them fit but my toes drag against the floor a little bc the sole of the shoe is too small

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