Any ballroom DJs in here?


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TSB you hit the nail on the head. As a dancer for 13 years and ballroom DJing for 12, I appriciate the song genre being announced when I am out dancing. As a DJ, I never know how much of the crowd are beginners that are still learning the music and what to dance to it. I normally announce the next two songs when I am DJing. I also announce any special requests, so the crowd does not wonder "why is he playing this song or genre".

I do create myself playlists for each night that I play. I use the slow song, fast song method, it works at the dances I play at.

One thing I did not see mentioned on the subject is "Are the DJs here staying up with the latest Ballroom music that comes out?". I try too. Yes, the music discs are a bit pricey, but if you are into DJing Ballroom music, it is a must. I am one too, that likes to find modern music to play for the dancers. Sometimes I will sit and sample music on itunes to see if I can find music that I can play at the dances.

WE were all once beginners, so put yourself back in those shoes and think about when you first started dancing.

good point on announcing special requests - it also lets the crowd know that you are open to considering requests - though if i know the crowd, i may suggest that requests be submitted on the front of a $10 bill.

some folks actually prefer familiarity to hearing new songs. i don't have a problem with what i consider good songs, but i prefer to minimize the use of stuff i consider "tired". still, it's kinda like performing - just because you've played the same series of songs ad nauseum, you still have to assume it's an entirely different audience the next time. i personally don't use ballroom music discs at all; i select music from various sources, depending on the demographic. a friend and i started a dance hoping to reach a younger demographic, and we looked into using stuff like lady gaga for hustle (summer boy) or samba (bloody mary). unfortunately, we couldn't draw in a younger crowd and the older folks hated it.

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