anyone experience with shoes by very fine dance shoes

Since most of the places where I go for social dancing have hardwood floors I prefere to wear ballroom shoes when I go out dancing. Therefore I like my my shoes to look very nice. I found shoes by Very Fine Dance Shoes on the net for a resonable price in lots of different styles and a wide variaty of colors. Does anybody had any experience with those shoes?


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Ok, the number nine, (yes, that blazing laser purple that my stubby little gelatinous hooves CRAVE)... are these elastic bands over the top of the foot? My problem is just like the poor sap in "Jacob Have I Loved"... the arch is FAT and abysmally difficult to find a proper fit for. Ariat sandals? Forget it. And that's a shame- if you've ever put on an Ariat western sandal, it's wonnerful. (they aren't "western" like yee-haw western, they're just all nice leather and comfy)

I own three pairs of them. I personally love them as they are very flexible yet supportive in some really neat styles, colors and heel heights (plus they are inexpensive and come with a black satin shoe bag). I own two black and one nude/beige pairs. I also happen to love the hook and latch means of securing the straps. Easy in and easy out. One of my pairs is a year old and well used (usually twice a week). Other than some scuffs they have held up well. I've even not had to replace the suede.

My nude pair is brand new, but so far, so good.

Oh, and please note these shoes run big. Get a full size smaller than your street shoe.

I have heard mixed reviews on them. There have been some that loved them, but the most common complaint I have heard is they don't always hold up well, but then again, they are cheaper.

Since dancing is such an important part of my life, and I spend a lot of time wearing dance shoes, I don't mind paying a little more for the premium brands. My preferred shoe is the Tango by International. I also wear the Pino by International.
My standard shoes are from Very Fine.
I wear style 6904, and I love them.
I also wear Supadance style 1008, but I definitely like the Very Fine brand better.
They last for about half a year or so (I wear them about 3 to 4 hrs a week).
I loved very fine Latin shoes for a while, I have 3 pairs.
I still think they are great but I use them only for social dancing now.
As my dancing has progressed I find that they dont offer enough flexibilty through the whole foot.
The thicker sole is what I like about them for social dancing as I can be on my feet for 5 or 6 hours without the balls of my feet aching.
I cant decide wether I like the thicker heel anymore, I used to use it for extra balance but since my balance has improved remarkably of late I find that I dont have uch use for the thick heel anymore.

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