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There are many songs that add an odd bar...samba is the most frequent that I've noticed. I'm not sure if it's actually happened in competition to me, but when I work with my pro it happens in practice. He can hear the odd bar coming and will stretch something out to make it work. It's a good skill to have....just in case!
Hear it coming? That's giving me a lot of food for thought...

I actually wish more DJs would do that. I always figured it was just a thing for pros and we ickle little amateurs would never know the pleasure of receiving applause and bowing to music. :(
It would be cool if the MC could say something like "and the quickstep, ladies and gentlemen" when the music is going down, and then the DJ checks that most of the couples have stopped dancing, before he turns it up again. If you just turn it down and then up, people will be confused.

I wouldn't even try to do all those intro movements. And I would muster my nastiest scowl, so anyone who looked my way would get the message.


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Great piece of music but this brings up an interesting question.I actually did dj a recent USA Dance comp where I had to play the music 1.40.I know that this was over 2 mins but Tal only danced for 1.10.
Maybe I should get my amateur status back as this seems a lot easier than pro-am.(btw I really like Tals dancing and of course he had no control over music)


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I just want to say, first off, that I love this version. I laughed when I heard it, and it was on repeat, for God knows how long.

However, so help him/her God, let no competition or social DJ attempt to play this.

ETA: Oh, Katherine, give it up.


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I was just at a competition this weekend, and the music wasn't bad per say, but for open there were 2 heats in the quarter final, and they played music for the first heat from the beginning, and I was in the second heat so I was all excited that we get to hear the music and can easily get into our dancing and our choreo in latin is phrased very precisely, and instead of just starting the music again for the second heat, the dj just played it continuing from before, so there was no intro and we couldn't get the right phrasing.... it was rather frustrating...

Also, I wanted to mention, let's never start playing the first minute of jive and then say, oh sorry we need to restart that. Fail. :-( My knees wanted to give out.

Also 2 minutes of a fast jive that is prob not competition speed, never again, please..... have mercy.

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