Ballroom dance jokes


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Conversation in the morning:
- Well, my dear, I am leaving you and your dancing studio is closed today
- What do you mean that the studio is closed?


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I've posted this here before, but ... styling differences in the tango:

American Tango: You've just started dating, and there's a lot of sexual tension between you. You try to keep it slow, but it's very difficult.

Argentine Tango: You've just started sleeping together, and you cannot keep your hands off one another in public.

International Tango: You've been married for ten years and are staying together for the sake of the kids.
I just laughed my heart out!!!Cheers!!!!


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Just saw this on Twitter. Not exactly a ballroom dance joke, but ballroom dancers will understand.

What moisturiser do bullfighters use? Olay...


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I like this one, which is more of a conversational starter. I forget where I picked it up from. Here's how it goes:

MM: Why don't you dance?
Man: Well, I've never tried.
MM: Let's go then, right now, I'll show you easy steps.
Man: No... I have two left feet. I'd ruin your shoes.
MM: *Looks at feet*
MM: You must have a real difficult time buying shoes then.
Man: ...
MM: I guess you put two right shoes in another box then, yeah?

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