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I searched and didn't see any threads regarding the ballroombeats web site. Very nice practice and competition music that caters to ballroom and latin. They change the music weekly. You can't download, only stream. Different price plans depending on your needs/desires - plans for students, teachers and studio owners. You can try free for one week.

I don't work for the web site and have nothing to do with them. Just FYI. Google "ballroombeats" and you'll find it.


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I was wondering when this would make it onto DF. This is a great site. Chris put a lot of hard work and thought into it, and it shows. It's nice to have a site for ballroom music that is run by a competitive ballroom dancer!

My teacher uses this software exclusively these days when we meet for lessons, since we meet at someone else's studio with a less-than-ideal computer setup. He brings his laptop and runs his iPhone as a mobile network, and it works beautifully - a huge collection of music in all styles that is always at the right tempo. I don't think I have ever heard the same song twice - so limited chance to get bored.

The iPhone app is in the works, but there are some unique programming challenges with Apple.

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I signed up for a trial/student. I find that site super handy and quite enjoy it myself. I'm always looking for practice music so it's nice to find new songs that way, but also being able to stream it already at tempo is super ideal. Just want the app now ;-P


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I am not sure of the cost for "Studio" use. They use it during the dance party along with their usual playlist. The website has a Dance party mix.
It seems like a good value proposition. A good `made for ballroom' CD costs around $25-30, and you get maybe one or two outstanding songs for that, with maybe a handful of other OK ones.

The thing you have to worry about if you're a studio is having your internet connection go down and then having no music. So you're still stuck maintaining a library of music.

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