Ballroomization of argentine tango?


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I remember the last time I danced with a leader who took a step backward in the line of dance. The police came rushing in, the whole milonga stopped, and he was hauled away. We've never seen him since. I was forced to stand on a scaffold with a scarlet B pinned to my chest for the rest of the evening just for having been the one dancing with him. It's taken me years to get over the shame and guilt. I am only just now beginning to rebuild, and the newer dancers who don't know any better are inviting me to dance. I can only hope that in another 10 or 20 years' time, I can finally put it behind me.


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Because now we're going to get the "winning competitions doesn't make a good dancer" argument and the "that's not tango" discussion.
As long as we are talking of tango as a social dance, then I wholeheartedly agree that competition success is very unlikely to make a good dancer, and that the sort of dancing that wins competitions is useless to social dancers.

There's nothing wrong with being an entertainer, of course, and competitive success sets you up for performance - but I want to dance tango, not watch someone else perform.

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