Ballroomization of argentine tango?


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Forget the so-called 8 count basic. Using it at a milonga will get you labeled a beginner at best, or a ballroom dancer. At worst, you will be asked to leave the floor for disrupting the flow of the dance. I have seen that happen both in BA and in a USCity that shall remain nameless.

Think about it. You and your partner exit onto the dance floor to merge with other Dancers,and your very first step is AGAINST the flow of traffic?? Then, in a dance where the goal is to stay near the outside of the floor, your second step is toward the center? To say nothing of the fact that if you insist on dancing an 8 count pattern you are dancing only with yourself, and maybe your partner, but certainly not paying attention to the moves and pauses of the room as a whole. This can be tolerated in beginners on a large dance floor, but only tolerated.
If my memory is correct about the context of the post you quoted, I don't think it was entirely (if at all) serious.

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