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Hi guys,

I first thought to buy myself a new modern shoes but then my teacher said I need a latin shoes so then I changed my mind and I thought I would get myself a 8200 Supadance Latin shoes.

After that, my teacher said to me that in the frequency I dance, I don't need a pair of Supadance which is very expensive (I am an Arthur Murray student) and said she can get me a pair of BD Dance shoes, in any kind I want for a small price (smaller than what they advertise in their website) here:

Now, I really admire my teacher and trust her with my eyes closed, I really do. She doesn't get the shoes by herself and she won't, believe me, get any return. I belive she rally thinks this is a great deal for me.

But than again, they don't have a wide shoe, this is an special order that don't even exist in their website, and I haven't heard about this company ever.

So, I wanted to ask you guys what do you think about it? Have someone here tried this company? Someone heard about it?
I've never heard of that brand. If you are happy with the Supadance (fit well) and you can afford it, I would continue buying those. You need to make sure you have a good quality shoe and fit. Just thank your teacher but tell her you really like the ones you have...


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Isn't there a place that you can order Supadance direct from the UK and get them at a discount?

ETA: Supadance 8200 at Showtime = $185. At Backbay = $185. At Supadance UK = 79.17 British pounds = $129.60 (today's conversion rates.)

15 GBP shipping adds $24.555 to the price. Still a lot cheaper than $185. Same shoes. And the shipping cost goes down to 10 pounds for each additional pair.

No idea how long it takes them to arrive, though.


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Oops! :doh: GoldStar. You're in Israel, right? Oops. I forgot. I quoted the prices in US dollars. The shipping rates in pounds are the same, though. It's 15 pounds for the first pair, 10 pounds for each additional pair anywhere in the world outside of the EU.

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