Beginner friendly salsa club in New York?

A couple friends and I are visiting NYC for over Thanksgiving. Some of us have been taking ballroom dancing lessons for a few months and we thought it would be fun to go to a salsa club. Can somebody recommend some beginner friendly clubs? We can only go Friday night (11/23 to be exact), so that rules out some good options. Also, some of our friends have no experience whatsoever, so ideally, we want to find a place that offers a beginner's lesson before the party starts. The closest thing I can find is Iguana, but the lesson goes from 6:30-7:30. I'm worried that it might be a bit too early. Does anyone know when the actual dancing starts at Iguana on Friday nights? Also, one person in our party is under 21. Does anyone know Iguana's policy on age?

Any other recommendations are welcome. :D

Thanks in advanced!


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Been to Iguana a million times (not to the salsa club though), it's 21+ but I don't know how strict the salsa club is. If I recall correctly, the dancing there Fridays starts at 8, after the class is over. Admission is, I think, 12 bucks.


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Welcome to df annie T. My experience in dancing with ballroom dancers is that for the best possible experience what really is needed is someone who can follow vs a dancer who bases a persons leads on what they have learnt so far. There is a difference. I would say that the newbie might do better than a beginner dancer. It really depends on what you bring to a dance. A beginner dancer who anticipates based on what he/she has learnt might do worse than someone who does not have a clue. You might want to think about this and see where you are on this. Have you gone to salsa clubs before?

I have been a couple times to NYC, but I typically go to Cuban salsa events, which I look up via the casinero calendar a few days before I visit. Not sure if any of those events are applicable, as I have a different perspective as a visitor and am past the intermediate stage for a while now, but people are usually friendly, even if I don't see any of my friends. The calendar link is It is a little far out to know for sure if the events listed for Nov 23rd will still be going on, but you can always look up the events listed and find out.

There also is a NYCasineros facebook group that you could join. It would be a good way of getting to know people and find out about events as your visit date of November 23rd approaches.

You can also always post on our sister forum of to get additional responses.
Thanks for the wonderful responses!
To theAnnelis, do you know if I still need to pay for the cover if I've already paid for the class?
To Sagitta, thanks for the advice. This is something I pay particular attention to because I want to dance anything with any guys instead of a set of routine with only my instructor. I've never been to a salsa club before, but I've attended some practice parties at my ballroom dancing place. I'm hoping that they won't be too different. :p I'm also wondering what kind of shoes do you usually wear to the events? I'm wondering if I should bring my ballroom dancing shoes? Or just regular comfortable heels?


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Regular comfortable heels annie T, but ones that provide support if possible. If you bring ballroom dancing shoes they will get destroyed at a typical salsa club.

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