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A favourite of mine is Shall we Dance. I first saw the original Japanese version a few years before I got into dancing. I didn't really pay much attention -it was in japanese class, so a movie was a good chance to do other homework. Now I've seen the English version, and I really want to watch the original
The original Shall We Dance is the film that inspired me to take up ballroom.

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I really enjoyed this short from England. A teenage boy is trying to fit into a clique. Can he keep his new "buddies" from finding out his secret passion...ballroom dancing?

It's just under 10 minutes and can be watched in entirety here. Probably about PG-13 for language.
I just watched Come Dance at My Wedding. It's about a dance studio owner who is about to get married. She wants to sell the studio so she can go back to college. But then her father whom she'd thought long-dead turns up and his name is on the deed. There are a few nice ballroom sequences. If the movie had a MPAA rating, it would probably be G. Of course it's a Hallmark Channel movie. ;) As long as one sets one's expectations accordingly, it's a very enjoyable watch. The choreographer was Katya Virshilas who did the tango scene with Antonio Banderas in Take the Lead as well as the choreography for the American version of Shall We Dance.

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Innocent Steps, story about a top competitor in a Korea Ballroom Dance competition who is down and out meets a partner who suppose to be a chinese star in latin dancing. Very touching movie.
I've finally managed to get "Roseland" from Lovefilm. Well worth waiting for. The young fellow in the middle story reminded me of myself in the early seventies ... I was a wow with the older ladies in the studio then. But none of them ever bought me presents or paid for my dance lessons, and certainly didn't offer to keep me.


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Ballroom movies have always left much to be desired if you're a dancer or you know about ballroom dancing properly. The Tango competition scene in Take The Lead was American Style Tango + Argentine Tango, for example.

I saw Shall We Dance (J. Lo's version) for the first time only some weeks ago (yeah, I know), and while it wasn't bad, the latin competition scene was unacceptable. Save for Tony Dovolani and Katya Virshilas (the couple who got eliminated for the wig fiasco), there was no real dancing in the scene. Stanley Tucci and his partner had really weird dancing, especially the arm styling, and none of the other couples had good dancing. But then I took a good look at the credits, and I noticed that they had Slavik Kryklyvyy, Gary McDonald, Jean-Philippe Milot, Tony Meredith and Melanie LaPatin and some other people who have made a reputable reputation (!) in latin today. These people, apparently were relegated to the party scenes. Why couldn't they be in the competition?


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I can only imagine the many hours that went into making the stars look even as they did. Knowing what I know about dance and the long arc of learning, the dance coaches performed miracles!
Move over, "Shall We Dansu?" I have a new favorite ballroom movie. ;)

"Sipur Hatzi-Russi" (literally "A Half-Russian Story", English title "Love & Dance")
Trailer: [URL removed to satisfy the forum gods]

As soon as I saw the trailer, I knew I had to get the DVD. :grin:

Is it in NTSC too, or do you have a DVD player capable of playing PAL?


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for grins and giggles:

Assasiantion Tango (the best dance scene is during the end credits!)
Naked Tango (which I had to order from some reproduction company in England, and is not suitable for children)

and another plug for Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing and Charm School


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ROFL- "Reproduction company" and "not for children".

I know a lot of people Who Are Such SRS Ballroom Dancers have so much to gripe about when it comes to dance movies, and most of their points are right- this applies to any dance movie IMO- but sometimes, it's just fun to watch a movie about dancing and enjoy even the cheesy, awful parts.

My favorite HORRIBLE dance movies are any of the StepUps and Love n' Dancing. They are truly groan-worthy. About the only movie I really got mad at for sucking so very, very hard was Silver Linings.

I liked Mad About Mambo and Strictly Ballroom for the ouch-factor.
Not mentioned here is "Tango" by Carol Saura. It's Argentine Tango and not ballroom. It's packed with dancing, and the entire movie works as a drawn out tango.

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