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It's Anna Longmore's dress. She was also an RS Standard finalist. It was one of those rare time where a dress can totally turn one off of a person's actual dancing:(
Is it Matthew Rooke & Anna Longmore? The dress she wore at’09 RS is a white dress with nude bodice with shiny appliqué (although doesn’t appear to be silver from pics); that’s not a bad dress at all IMHO, at least doesn’t look bad from photo. Am I looking at the correct dress?


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See, this is what I mean: the shiny appliques looked silver to me (and they are!) and turned me off the dress, so much so that I even forgot it was overall white/nude, lol... I also didn't think it was flattering to her at all. To each their own I guess:)


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The appliqué looks gold (or black) from picture, the white skirt is beautiful although I’m not particularly interested in the nude bodice, the shiny appliqué doesn’t bother me from the photos at all; just not sure if it’s gonna to be getting in the way for connection – that’s the only concern.
At Blackpool in 2008, Matthew Rooke & Anna Longmore were in the top 23 of Amateur Ballroom. At Blackpool in 2009, they were 3rd in Professional Rising Star and semi-finalists in Pro. Wow...

I'm not crazy about the dress but it doesn't appear as though it blighted the quality of their dancing.


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Checked the silver mirror dress out- I like it. Want a silver dress. Have had gold already. I've always thought that an orange dress looks good on a blonde if it's the right shade and not Fluorescent.


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I have anew white gown with orange flairs and looks great on the floor just enough colour I will find a photo


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Not trying to single anyone out -- gown has been worn by multiple people, so maybe it belongs to a team. It definitely has a "Wow, look at that" aura to it. Seems to be a love/hate thing.
You better be able to DANCE wearing a dress like that. Because there's no way you're going to be able to hide on the floor.
That's very true. But then again, that's true of anything that's a bit non-traditional. ;) And for the record, I think that dress totally rocks. I'd wear it. If I were about a foot taller and a foot thinner.

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