Best way to attach feathers

My daughter wants me to make this dress (attached as a .pdf) without the sleeves or the thing hanging off her arm. I think the outer layer of the skirts (forgive me because I am just getting used to the vocabulary for dance dresses) should be a netting. If it is netting then you can poke the individual feather through the netting then sew and glue. Is that what you all would do?

Also any guesses as to how many feathers? or a good site to buy them from? There are blue and white feathers.



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Hey, I *like* the "thing hanging off the arm" :p

In the past I have bought feathers from ostrichesonline dot com, but they have closed. They give a recommendation for a new supplier, but I have not used them.

Hard to tell from the photo, but while the underskirting or hemline may be netting, I think the top layer is crushed velvet or lycra. The gown I own that has individual ostrich sections on the skirt has them glued on (lycra). The gown I have with individual stripped coque feathers has them sewed on (chiffon).

The feathers on the gown in the photo look like they are unstripped coque feathers. How many? Hmmm... more than you would think, most likely. The aforementioned website sells them sewn together, so I guess you would cut sections and apply in whatever design you desire. Perhaps you can estimate based on the skirt circumference at several levels below the waist, and how many rows you want.

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