Body Swing and Foot Placements

Oh and I forgot the other thing that helps a partner receive all this energy: the man must always stay completely on his own left side. Stand upright and imagine your body as two swim lanes. The frontal plane of your body becomes the left lane and right lane. One side of your body should never come accross to your other side. In Standard, for the most part, the left lane is yours to use, and the right lane is given to your partner. A quick test of your ability to stay on your lane is to take hold with you partner, but only take hold with your LEFT hand. Assume normal position, except that man's right hand and lady's left hand will be hanging down. Now start doing reverse turns in a Viennese Waltz by staying completely on your left side while simultaneously maintaining normal body position. You shouldn't pull or push or do anything you normally don't do with your left hand. The left hand should feel completely "normal". When I first tried this, it was much harder than I imagined. That's when I realized how much of the left side of my body wasn't working. I was used to dancing quite easily with my left hand hanging down (as you have to do in crowded competition floors) but my body was nowhere near ready to lead a girl with our only hand contact being my left one! Once you're successfully able to dance reverse turns by staying on your left side and maintaining normal body contact with your partner, then you can try taking normal hold.

The combination of staying on my left side and dancing backwards into each step made everything feel so much more natural, and just like in the Enzyte commercial, I've got a very happy missus on the dance floor beaming from ear to ear because her partner isn't throwing her off her feet or coming into her space. :D


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Okay Some guy, I take pride in doing a good job moderating here on DF by reading all the posts in the forums I am assigned to, but I gotta' tell you - the last two had my head spinning. Them's was a lot of words.... *grin*

Now back to our regularly scheduled topic....
What do you expect? It was a long expensive lesson, and I didn't bother to really summarize it. :)

I'll take it down and put up an abriged version soon.


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poor guy, you'll be paying for about a week over this. Good that you're a good sport about it. And don't worry, Chris will read your book. :)


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Some guy, we're giving you a bit of a hard time, but I enjoyed the post! It has some great things to mull over...don't take it down, it's fine!

So we went from Chris' highly analytical and technical discussion about technique to stretchmarks. Chris, I'm sincerely sorry. I really like reading your technical posts. Next time I'll curb my enthusiasm in my responses and avoid the resulting forum hijacking.

Can someone talk abut something technical now?

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