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This week has actually been tough. I have had numerous cancellations. Everyones schedules are still kinda wonky. Cantski couldn't even get back to his condo till 2 days ago since it is labeled a federal crime scene and it it was tapped off since the marathon. Another one of my students, a doctor, cancelled because she is still sorting out the chaos of her schedule because her office, in the hospital, has been turned upside down. Lots of students had hard weeks trying to rebuild, and that trickles down to me schedule. Teaching at MIT was hard on Wednesday because Officer Colliers Campus Memorial service had the whole place shut down, all school classes were cancelled. The team was still holding classes so I still had to find a place to park off campus and then walk thorugh all of the immense military and law enforcement presence.

The MIT competition is on for this weekend and there seems to be a nice movement for everyone to bring cookies as a way to gently celebrate and be grateful for the opportunity of the community to come together and do what we love.

Also, Officer Collier was on duty last year during the MIT competition on Saturday. He enjoyed it so much he came back on Sunday, his day off, to watch. I learned last night that he was even taking lindy classes (off campus) so when he joined the lindy club this coming fall he would be a step ahead! I am sure during the competition some time there will be a way to honor him and his new found love of dancing.
I was wondering what the aftermath has been like and how it is affecting people's lives up there. Thanks for the update.


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They are going to feature this ballroom teacher on DWTS next week. What a tragedy.
I saw her say in an interview that she went into surgery that day with feeling in her toes and the ability to wiggle them. What a horrible shock it must have been to have woken up the next day to find her foot removed.

My heart goes out to her. I know it will be a heart-warming journey for her as she continues as a dancer and adapts to this challenge.

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So yesterday there were two officers and their detail was to be at the MIT competition for the evening. I made a point of going over and shaking their hand, going back over and chitchatting, going back and offering them a plate of food. I sent a few more judges to shake their hand. I wanted to let them know how much I appreciate them. Some of us took our pictures with them!

Having a cop for a husband it is hard to hear when he comes home and he talks about how he feels bad because he is hated for his profession. He wears a kevlar vest everyday to work, just last week he had a man (off his meds) swinging a knife at him in the back of an alley... and people still have so little respect for him. My heart just aches for Colliers squad and his department. They really do put their life on the line for us. They deserve to be treated well and respected.

During the evening show, the MC made a point to bring the two policemen to the front and introduce them. They got an immediate standing ovation. And, to me, it seemed they were a bit watery-eyed, it was quite touching. There was a moment of silence for Officer Collier, and although it was a downer for the start of the evening, I was very very glad the organizers decided to pay tribute to him.


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isn't the transit officer also very seriously injured?....anyhow, couldn't agree brother is a police officer in a large city...he is my only sibling, my baby brother....not a day goes by that I don't pray for his safety and worry about him...

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