bring a partner to a private lesson or...?

Does anyone here usually bring a partner to a private or do you pay extra for the instructor to bring someone for you; usually a junior instructor or dancer of their pro team?

I feel like, if I bring a partner, a lot of the time will be spent correcting her as well unless I bring an advance follow, which is very hard to make happen since I don't know many at a personal level and it's hard to schedule. I am an advance-beginner, almost turning beginner-intermediate. That's why I want a private, to make sure I leave behind bad habits, get answer to a few questions I have, and to check a few insecurities about some aspects of my leading/dancing.

Another plus is that if I pay extra, the partner would be very equipped and more open to make pointers about things she feels while dancing; things that are a little hard to catch visually by the male instructor such as momentum, roughness, gentleness, etc.

On the other hand, the rate is substantial and may not be worth it if what I get from her is not significant enough. It might be smarter to bring someone, get what I can from him and then use the extra money to get a private from a female instructor who will give me her perspective fully. Your experiences, views, opinions, etc, are greatly appreciated. Thank you


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i wouldn't bring a partner to a private for salsa... no. unless i have someone in mind that wants to commit to regular lessons together, so we can practice and go out dancing together.

depends on what your objective is. if you want all the attention and instruction, just go by yourself.
I gather from your question you are asking whether if you should have the type of lesson such that the instructor can watch you from the outside (kind of like a coach) rather than dancing with you. Am I correct? Judging from the info given, it doestn' look like you have a committed partner with whom to plan to compete. With the level you are at, it wouldn't make sense to me to spend my money that way because half of the time the attention will be towards your partner unless she's way more advance than you. And don't discount the value that you can gain from an 'insider'. She can work with you on your lead and movement.


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If I'm taking a private for myself (rather than taking one with a partner so the pro WILL correct BOTH of us) I expect the pro to dance with me. They should know both parts, so the pro's gender doesn't matter.

Actually, most of the privates I take are with a partner, because I have established competitive partnerships. Even still, the pro will often dance with each of us to help teach.


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Does anyone here usually bring a partner to a private or do you pay extra for the instructor to bring someone for you;
I charge the same price for singles as couples, as do pretty much all of my Assoc. .... If someone brings a "partner ", then I must assume thats the way they wish to be taught ( as a couple ) .
I wouldn't bring a partner to a lesson if I didn't intend on dancing with that partner regularly.

I also wouldn't pay extra for my instructor to bring in another instructor, I would just dance with my instructor - the gender of the instructor should be irrelevant because the instructor should know how to both lead and follow.
I don't remember Missy every being charged extra for bringing a partner. However, as one of the posters mentioned, it could take away from your time. Missy just had a tryout (latin dance) this weekend with a young dancer. The kid had a lot of energy (good) and is very enthusiastic and focused, but was a little wild/uncontroled/sloppy with his movements. After 5 minutes into it, Missy was dismissed and the instructor worked with the boy for the rest of the 1 1/2 hr. private. After the private, he told the boy and his mother that he wants to work only with him for a while before working with them both together. That way, I am not paying for part of his "sole" private while Missy stands around.

I also tend to agree with Iolane. Unless there was something to be gained from it, I wouldn't want Missy to pratice with someone unless they were her partner. Of course, sharing half the costs is something gained but you have to know just how much you are sacrificing. Missy has trained with someone for practice only and I think that both came out ahead because they usually spent another hour with themselves together going over what they have learned. (No cost) He had corrections he could share with her and vice versa.

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