Can you tell someone's a dancer

Warren J. Dew

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Well, for example, I've noticed that ballet dancers (that have no ballroom experience) have a tendency to walk a bit duck-footed, but in a very particular way. Instead of most people that walk duck-footed (which is natural), it appears that their foot falls in a specific way... I have no experience with ballet personally, other than having some friends growing up that did ballet, so it's a bit hard for me to explain. Maybe something to do with the sequence of how they land their heels/balls of their feet? Also, I've noticed that quite a few ballet dancers, as soon as they stop walking, tend to end up in one of the ballet foot positions (I believe it was called 4th position or something?).
They tend to stand in third position, heel of one foot to the instep of the other. In fourth position the feet are separated forward and backward.

Some walk on their toes or at least with a toe lead, and yes, in a very specific way.


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How to tell if someone's a dancer? Look up, not down. At their posture, that is. Nearly a sure giveaway of a dancer is the beautiful upper body carriage. That posture is trained in; it rarely comes naturally.
Let me introduce you to my pre-champ Standard dancer boyfriend... who walks with a programmer's hunch when not on the floor.

I've been called a dancer for my entire life, and only took up any sort of dance in college. Sometimes it's natural.

Confirmation bias, I guess ;)


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Standard dancers hug people with their head to the left.

The next time you're at a venue where there are a bunch of standard dancers, watch people greet each other. This is fact, lol.
OH MY GOD, that is why I always get an awkward both-heads-on-same-side hug incident when someone comes at me to my left! I hadn't thought of that!

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