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I recently came upon this video featuring Alexej Slide and Anna Firstova from the WDSF, demonstrating cha cha timing. The section of the video posted below to look at is from 6:46 until 8:56.

It seems they are saying to do the steps not on 2, 3, 4, &, 1. They are saying to step on (2)&, (3)&, 4, &, 1. I've never heard of this. Is this a new thing, or is everyone doing this except me? Also, how will that work with Guapacha Timing?

The video is Youtube /watch?v=CWyTetWqUQY&feature=relmfu
From 6:46 to 8:56.


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I don't think it's necessarily that she's having them step on the &s as much as she's having them use the &s to prep for the quick foot strike on the 2, 3, etc. If you count slow-slow-quick-quick-slow without thinking of what happens in between, your foot will be late in getting to the proper count. If you use the &s, not only will your foot be there on time, but also your body weight will be where it needs to be at the proper moment, because you've used that intervening & to prep for it, if that makes sense.


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Now that I watch it a fifth time, it does look like they are stepping on the 2 and holding the (2)&, etc. I think the false start in their demonstration was throwing me off. So to clarify, what they're saying is get your foot there right away, and don't take the whole beat or you'll look late.


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Isn't it weird that you don't understanding the thing that should be more understandable to children than usual teaching methods :D

What they are trying to say is that you have to put your foot on the floor before the beat, so you do a weight transfer precisely on the beat. That is creating an illusion of being faster. Seems to be a trend thesedays. What's interesting, even most people in my salsa venue are dancing that way, although they were never dancing latin

However, like some other WDSF videos, this is also a demonstration of very confused trainers. And my personal opinion is that a dance shown by that young couple, which is said to be an x times Russian champion, is plain awful. I want to see some nice, fluid and natural body movement and not Matrix-like warp speed robotic dancing like on the video + considerable balance problems when dancing twice slower than normal speed. But it's probably just me, it seems that I've been too long in salsa world now. However, latin trainers in my area never liked Silde's style either, and they are not dancing salsa


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@vit Sorry for asking (I´m a salsa, no latin dancer): but do they perhaps try to teach the concept of step projecting, but actually haven´t entirely understood it yet themselves?
Ehmmm ... I'm not familiar with step projecting concept (my latin trainers never used it and also, I don't live in England, so for various things, they are using words from local vocabulary), so maybe someone else can answer your question. Anyway, Silde and his partner were obviously able to satisfy the judges with their dancing, because they were placing them at first place (ok, there were some other rumors, but I don't want to comment them), but - being able to dance something and being able to teach someone else how to dance it are two different things

Anyway, I don't disagree with their intention. It's just a matter of question will you time your foot placement, weight transfer or body action to the music, because they don't happen at the same time but in that order (and also, it depends how much of body action is produced by weight transfer and how much using the core muscles etc). Just I didn't like introduction of additional unconventional cha cha timing as a teaching method and I didn't like the result of that teaching method

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