Chocolate Thread


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pygmalion said:
MacMoto said:
Katarzyna said:
Sagitta said:
lynn said:
chocolate dipped apple/strawberry?? We'll coat it with dark chocolate so there's even more healthy benefit!
I love chopcolate dipped strawberries. :)
Yummy :) Home madechocolate dipped strawberries
Serve with icecream :D
Or champagne and candlelight? :raisebro:
Icecream, champagne *and* candlelight. :D


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lynn said:
Esp for ppl who've got allergies.....all my stuffed animals are now in plastic bags... :cry:
I'm sorry. :together:

All this chocolate talk I just got to have a taste of ice cream now. :wink: 8)
Ethel M chocolates are very good.

White chocolate is not chocolate, but "Fat with Milk and Sugar" doesn't sell as well. :shock: :lol:

Godiva Belgian Dark Chocolate Ice cream is my new favorite. It is the first ice cream that I can eat LESS than the stated "serving" (1/2 cup) and feel satisfied.

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