Clear bra straps absorbing dye - Any fix?


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I know clear bra straps are cheap, but I get tired of having to go out and buy new ones.

For my costuming, unless of course it is backless, I don't use bra cups. I prefer to use these really nice push-up deals from Victoria's Secret. However, I always need to use clear straps for costuming or parties.

But, as the majority of my clothes are black and red (yes yes very much a tango obsession here) the straps after a few wears pick up shades of red and black.

Is there a way to prevent this? Something to soak them in?

Thanks! ;D


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Yeah... I've tried washing them but it appears that the plastic absorbs the dye. Just won't come out. :-\ I haven't tried bleach or anything, but...
No solution here, either. I've noticed that they also absorb spray tan which rubs off onto them. But other than replacing them frequently, I have no suggestions.
I think it is not as much the straps picking up the dye which then sticks to their surface, it is almost as if oils in the skin surface react with the plastic somehow and cause it to darken.


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I don't understand. If the bra straps are picking up dye, you must be wearing them under the clothes, and not exposed. That being the case, why does it matter if they pick up color if they're covered up?
I have this problem too, but with tanner not clothing dye. When I layer up on the self tanner my straps turn tan too... which isn't a huge problem i suppose it just kinda grosses me out ;)

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