College scholarships for ballroom dance?

So someone asked me if colleges with ballroom teams offer athletic scholarships for students who are accomplished dancers as they might for student athletes in other sports. And I really don't know. My impression (which may be incorrect) is that a lot of the students who participate in college teams did not start dancing ballroom until university.
Other than by maybe one or two colleges (BYU being the only one that I could think of that might do offer a scholarship) ballroom is not really considered a sport... Scholarships go to programs that make money, and ballroom programs really don't make money.

College teams really vary, some people will have danced before but I think the majority will start dancing in college... it's also important to note that while we think of them as the team for that college they're generally just the competitive part of an organization at that college which also plays into the lack of scholarships and a general lack of funding: the football team and the band get free transport and lodging but the dancers are lucky (or extremely diligent in getting paperwork submitted) if the school subsidizes anything.
Utah Valley University (formerly Utah Valley State College, in Orem (i.e., the next town from BYU) has scholarships for ballroom too. That said, at both BYU and UVU the ballroom scholarships are not a lot of money (probably not even full tuition - not sure what they are these days).
(By and large the girls on these teams started dancing before college, and some of the guys too. A number of high schools in Utah and Idaho have ballroom dance programs, and there are other programs geared to youth too.)
As a collegiate dancer, most school do not offer scholarships to dance. :( We are generally club sports and therefore supported by student activities rather than athletics (assuming we are funded at all). However, dancing in college is probably the most affordable way to learn ballroom dance!

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