Collegiate Competition Stereotypes

Location is huge too
Is it a gym or an actual ballroom (not that this is actually a competition killer for me, my favorite comp of the year is held in a gym, but it does dramatically help a comp to be in a nice space)?

Also, a lot of it is going to be personal tastes for competitors. Like some people prefer larger comps, some people prefer smaller comps, etc. For me personally a big one is professionalism, are things run smoothly and on time? Is the music done well? Is there a projector or numbers printed out, or are you just waiting to have your number called to know if you got to the next round? Is there seating available if you want it (Tufts last year-- major complaint is that at tables for individual teams there was not nearly enough seating available, they had bleachers but if you wanted to go sit in the bleachers you were nowhere near the floor or your team which makes collegiate comps much less fun), how about seating available for spectators (my parents often come see me compete so that's always a concern)?

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