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I have just come to understand what the order of competitive categories consists...ideally you should begin in closed bronze...then closed silver....then closed gold.....then gold star and then at the most difficult level 'open'.
I finally have found an instructor with knowledge of all this. Previously I was in a franchise that took me from closed bronze to 14 opens. No closed anything after closed bronze......just open everything. As my current instructor explained.......then it's just learning choreography and bypassing the basics at each level to better understand and perform. Needless to say I no longer have 14 opens.....I have 4 in smooth and have backed up to closed bronze in standard...soon to move to closed silver. I am pretty angry about being misled.


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If possible, I would suggest just doing all the other dances and just not register for quickstep. I know a lot of collegiate comps split prechamp up into individual events, so if the comp you are going to does this I say why not, and just avoid quickstep.

This is what my partner and I did when we compete prechamp with our gold routines the first time around at DCDI.


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I have spoken previously with some people about doing syllabus standard in open, and they say it is perfectly fine to do syllabus stuff and not have open routines as long as you are very clean and the only dance you will kind of be lost in will be quickstep because everyone is doing scattered chasses etc and they are just lapping you. But you never know, you could have amazing syllabus and do really well. My partner and I have been doing open latin for about a year and we didn't get an open paso until last summer, and until then every open competition that was a 5 dance we would do our syllabus paso. Actually I'm pretty sure last year at MIT it was a 4 and 1 dance and we were registered for everything, and decided we will do paso with our syllabus paso and made it to the final from a semi.
I know one couple who, on a lark, danced only bronze figures in collegiate champ (WTVFQ). They made the final and got decent placements, even in quickstep. Obviously, bronze vs. open quickstep has the most contrast, but there are some nice figures that almost nobody ever does (even in bronze), like chained natural pivot turns, that look good if done well.
Why not seeing the Gold as the comp you are actually competing with your peers and where your results matter and the other one as an awesome opportunity to see where you stand while "playing with the big kids" ;)
That's what I always did, my thinking being: if you manage to beat somebody - whopee! If not - no harm done, they are more advanced anyway ;)

I've seen a lot of people doing pretty well with their syllabus routines, actually. At least around here, if you look at the first class out of syllabus, most couples are still struggling with their new open routines. The ones who don't will be moving up soon anyway.

On the "QS problem": true, QS gets a lot faster out of syllabus. I remember feeling intimidated and admiring what they could do. Still, I think you stand quite a chance if you have excellent basics.

I don't know what to think about the remark that it could be dangerous due to everybody else being faster yet...

Let me explain:
In MY perfect world any couple, who wants do dance fast, has to be in control of their movement/ tempo. Meaning to ME they have to be able to
1. navigate around any other couple
2. stop in time to avoid collisions.

So this is what I'd expect of all the couples who dance open routines. Yes, even the struggling ones ;) I'd rather "forgive" a beginner couple who is out of control due to lack of experience than an experienced competitive dancer who "runs around risking bumping into people by accident all the time". That's just irresponsible. But there are some out there for sure and to be fair: it doesn't get easier the more crowded a comp floor is...

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