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I didn't find any Dapper Dan :-( but i did get some Layrite (water soluble pomade) and i find it was lighter-weight, had a higher sheen that murray's, and MUCH easier to work with, and of course, WAY easier to wash out. It's actually a really nice product.

I also tried some Knox Gelatin in my hair (this was discussed in a previous thread). It has HIGH shine AND hold, dance-helmet style. I mixed it as per the instructions (which was one packet in 1/2 cup of hot water). I stirred in then dipped my fingers in and coated my hair (already in a ponytail). It was of course extremely liquidy so i got some on my face and all over the counter. I'm curious to try it with a different water-to-powder ratio to make it thicker and perhaps easier to apply. Anyway, it seems to have a bit of working time before it dries, but it is like working with wet hair so easy for slicking or making those swirly-twirls but i'm not sure how to make any sort of up-do (unless you make that first and just use the gelatin for the slick parts). It's hard in about 30 min, but i imagine you don't want to fuss with it too much after 10 min.

The stuff that dried on my skin was very easy to remove. I went and practiced with it, seemed fine, and showered it off later (didn't feel like trying to sleep in it) and it came out very easily in a hot shower. My hair feels super soft today :) and it didn't irritate my scalp like many regular gels and hairsprays.

I put the leftover stuff in the fridge in a microwavable container. From what i've read on random forums when i searched using gelatin for styling hair (mostly people talking about liberty mohawks), you can just re-heat the gelatin in the microwave so it's liquity again, and use more. Although i did read some stuff about it going moldy after a week... not sure if they meant in their hair or in the fridge LOL.


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I am probably the only female with this particular problem, but thought I would see if anyone has any ideas. I sweat A LOT. And for whatever reason, as odd as it sounds, the only area where I really sweat is from my head and face.

My problem with my hair is that I usually get it done by the comp stylists, but after wearing it one day, sweating on the comp floor, it starts to get this white flaky line just above the hairline (I have really dark brown/black hair). I am guessing that this line is where I have sweated and wiped away most of the product below this line, around my face. But the end result is a white line in my hair around my hair line. I honestly don't know if this is sweat, or product, or sweat mixed with product that causes this. I have tried multiple things to remedy this, wiping it down with a wet washcloth (this actually made it worse), trying to add more product to smooth out the line where I sweated the product out of my hair. Neither of these seems to have worked at all. The hair holds up fine, but the white line is needless to say, really gross. It likely can't be seen from far away (like from judges), but I would really prefer to not have to worry about whether or not they can see it. I'm hoping I may be able to figure out a way to keep a hairstyle over at least 2 days. I really don't want to have to have it done every day that I compete.

Any suggestions? I doubt this has happened to anyone else, as I seem to be one of those lucky (and very rare) women that get to have sweat pour from her head and face...

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Did the gelatin run at all when you were working hard?
It didn't, but that was just a regular practice and while i get pretty sweaty, it never seems to get quite as hot and sweaty as a comp-setting. I'm going to be doing more experiments with Gelatin (making it thicker, applying it with maybe one of those pastry brushes instead, and also going for a heavy cardio session) so i'll post up what else i might discover.


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Have you tried going back to the comp stylist for ideas and/or a touch up??
I haven't done this yet. To be perfectly honest, I was a little embarrassed lol. It would be strange walking in with a flakey, sweaty hair line asking if she can "fix" it. But if it happens again, I will go see if she has any suggestions.

Miss Silly, I'm very interested in what you find out. I think I'm secretly hoping that if I can do my own hair and use gelatin, that maybe my issue won't happen or be as noticable. One can hope....

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I feel for you wannabee.... i'm always having hair issues myself. I'm not sure what the remedy is for your situation. It does sound like something happening with the product in combination with your sweat, as if the sweat kind of dissolves the product and leaves the hairspray/gel getting that white flaky appearance that happens when (well for me at least) if i mess it it too much or put too much product on/too many layers of product.

I've only had my hair styled at a comp once and i looked around the room to see what products they used (to see if there were any crazy secret ones!) and nothing caught my eye as to being something 'unusual'.I certainly didn't see any of the stylist using a bowl of watery substance.

But if you are planning on doing your own hair anyway it might be worthwhile to try experimenting with gelatin and see what happens. Is there a day where you can do this and then sweat lots as a test run? I'm not a huge fan of experimenting on an actual comp-day hahahhahah especially when you aren't sure what result you'll get. Gelatin was easy to get. $4 at the grocery store for a box of packets. One packet made more than enough.

I dont' have any experience with making hairstyles that are "up". I can to slick looks and swirls and that's about it. I've had very short hair for years and it's also not super thick so i can't offer any help for things involving something like a french twist. Using gelatin (or at least how i mixed it the first time) is very WET, as if you're working with your hair immediately after a shower. Unfortunately i can't experiment with a lot of styles simply because i simply don't have the hair (or the skills, really LOL).

Anyway, might be worth trying on a Sunday (or whatever day when you don't have to "go out" anywhere ;-P).

Reminded me of pasteurized eggwhites.

Apparently when you mix it you want to try to avoid making a lot of bubbles.


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Have anyone heard this hairdresser Brandy Gillam? Anyone had a comp hair updo by her? Or anyone has any website link to her hair photos? Particularly her work for high twist or French twist? Thanks.


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I have a question about competition hair. I should know this, but I am not sure. What do you do for bangs? I make a ponytail using extensions for Rhythm, but I don't know if bangs should be pinned back away from the face. Also what about Smooth? I wear my hair up in a bun, and I like leaving my bangs as is, but I get the feeling they are really supposed to be off the face?


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I have seen people wear bangs...I know lots of ladies who feel self conscious about pulling their bangs up and off their faces...I think that as long as they are sort of side swept, and don't move, they are okay down... if they move or block your face, they look sloppy....for me, I have bangs, I don't wear my hair with bangs when I compete

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OK ladies (and gents)..... After more experimentation, i've concluded that gelatin is actually NOT the cat's meow.

Saturday for latin i did the pony tail thing (my hair just *happened* to grow 2 feet over night ;-P) and I used only gelatin. I mixed the gelatin slightly thicker than the instructions but once it's in your hair it feels like working with absolutely completely wet hair, which i find very difficult. Keep in mind i'm no hair expert here nor would i claim that i'm any good at doing hair LOL so i figure the more practice, the better. Even though i used a fine-tooth comb and tried to flatten my hair, my technique needs work and it still was ridgy and bumpy up close.... probably because i got it all doused in gelatin and then tied it back. From far it was decent (fyi front swirly is fake):

...but imagine my HORROR when I looked at myself in the bathroom mirror later that evening:

...and this is where i must have failed to whipe the gelatin off my skin/hairline....

Not the most pleasant result. I noticed a lot of other competitors didn't look like they had skin disease or snot in their hair, so for Standard on Sunday i tried using gelatin more sparingly, and painted it on AFTER i carefully tied it back trying to make my hair smooth and flat---which did work a lot better. I used the same batch of gelatin that i kept in the fridge and just nuked in the microwave for about 30 seconds or so until it went to liquid again. However i wanted to try to do something in the front so i used regular products rather than gelatin because i'm too inept to "shape" super wet-like hair:

Side note---see that background? That was about 3 days of my life and believe me when i tell you, stencilling is not as fun as youtube makes it out to be. Next time? Wallpaper.

And this is at the end of a long day...


Gelatin makes my hair nice and soft when i wash it out (it washes out nice and easy) and does not irritate my scalp. It does dry hard like a rock, but it felt tricky to work with and has these wonky outcomes with those stringy white bits and certainly isn't attractive when it's on your skin and covered in makeup LOL. At the end of the day, the got2be glued products were a lot more predictable and seemed to get just as hard and shiny after all.

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