Competitive Costumes for Country

Does anyone know of good costumers for the Country circuit. It's really easy to find the ballgowns but not so easy the country. Although, we could work with the same people for the most part.

Just looking for any suggestions.

Can you break your needs down into component pieces that might be readily available?

For example - in ballroom, many ballgowns aren't that much more than a leotard and a full skirt, so just getting those two items from a performance dance catalog, and maybe gluing on some rhinestones, accesorizing with floats, is a possible approach.

What do you usually wear for C&W? Can you combine say a medium length dance skirt with some sort of more social top?
Hi guys,
I have some basic stuff now...let me just say the ladies tend to have lots of "skirt changes"

Long Skirt/Gown

Two Step/Polka/ECS/Tripl Two:
Medium Skirt/Dress

Nightclub: Kind of an asymmetrical skirt

Cha Cha: Latin cut skirt

WCS: Pants are coming into favor..but they have to have western styling

That is taking an extreme.

I have the rules out in my car right now that really spell out the costuming rules. The main rule is that a "yoke" has to be defined.

I'm thinking ahead right now. I'm in the newcomer division right I can't have anything remotely sparkly on my clothes :( Just a basic skirt and western shirt.

If you look on Crystals will see some examples of the "really nice" CW outfits.

Sorry...I haven't been much help...but the ladies change some portion of their outfits. You can get away with the medium skirt and then the long for waltz...but people like to exemplify the different "flavors" of each dance.


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I wondered about those yokes. It never occurred to me they were spelled out in the rules. :doh:

Needless to say, I'll google. Are you looking for bargains, or just for nice-looking costumes? For the "skirt changes," I'm assuming ballroomy skirts might work for you. Is that true? If so, I can recommend more than a few places that have suitable skirts for cha and nightclub at reasonable prices. A lot of the stuff is black, though. Does black work for you? And what about fringe? Without sparklies, it seems you'd need something to make you stand out a bit (over and above the stellar dancing, of course. :wink: :D )
There are some photos on the UCWDC site that show a good example of what people wear.

Probably the closest skirt to ballroom is the waltz...and I have one on order. I have some basic stuff that I can embellish when I move out of Newcomer.

I'm just looking for suggestions of who makes this stuff. If for nothing else just to get some ideas.

Yes, those "yokes" are spelled out in the rules. It's a defining element of Western dress. While more things are moving towards a "ballroom" flavor..the outfits still have to be "Country." Most of them are actually quite're allowed a lot of leeway...just has to be some type of "yokage."


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Holy cow! You're right. This stuff is hard to find. The only place I know of that used to stock C&W tops and skirts seems to have stopped. :( I'll keep looking, though, like the googler I am. (Is that a word? :roll: :lol: )

The irony is that I ran across several sites in the past, by accident, but now that I want them, I can't find them.

I'll keep you posted.
I know what you mean about running across sites when you aren't looking for them. But when you way. :)

I just want different ideas. I am fortunate that one of my fellow AMs she can make the stuff. I just want places to look for design ideas. I am not artistically inclined enough to draw out the design idea myself.

The boots are easy enough to find...just search for Evenin Star Boots. But the actual way. Not since they moved beyond what you buy in your local western wear store.


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Okay. I found this page which has a bunch of links. I hope they're not all dead ends. Unfortunately, I don't have time to page through and check things out right now. I checked one link -- designs by She'La, which advertised comptetion wear, and that one's unavailable. Grr. Maybe you can find something helpful here ... I hope. I'll keep looking.

w w

(I disabled the link because it is commercial. So just copy and paste in your browser. 8) )

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Carolyn has all of her stuff made for her by Melodie Cochran, and I would stay away from the pricey stuff until are ready to move up.

Maybe adding some stones to what you already have once you move up to Novice, and then something new for Intermediate. I would spend my $$$ on Evening Star boots - custom made for you and without the inner toe cap . . . good boots give you sure-footed confidence!

Ron can even keep his same stuff, adding stones to the yoke on the back of his shirt, which must have that yoke! If he doesn't have ES boots, he should also invest in them! Later, he can add more stones and maybe a Kippy belt.

You off course will have a NC2S skirt, a cha cha skirt, a Waltz skirt, a Two Step skirt, and a WCS/ECS skirt - not pants!. You'll score better in the skirt!

Since i'm home playing hookie today, I'll try to get some pics of Carolyn's new outfits in the Photo Album for you!

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I posted a few . . . I don'y know why some repeated, but I'm trying to get an admin to delete the repeats! THose thumnails do show up if you click on them.


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Try this link. (They even have wedding attire! I like the white broomstick skirt.)

Or this one.

And this one. They don't have a lot of merchandise on line (although their wedding gown pix are quite nice -- maybe you can get some design ideas.) These folks advertise that they'll do custom designs for you, so this might be a contact to keep in mind for future costumes, if you decide you want to invest.
I'll keep looking. It's all in the search terms, just like evrything else in google. 8)
It's tough because the csotumes are really closer to the wesetern store stuff doesn't really work. I would try to post a pic...but I have them saved to my computer and not as a I'm not sure how to do that.

You are so awesome for searching this stuff out. Will you ever give away your google secrets?


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Don't worry. I finally paged through some of the pics posted on the UCWDC site. (Yikes. They really need to find a more speedy way to post photos. Those individual .jpg files are a pain.)

Anyway, other than the fancy cowboy shirts with contrasting yokes, and the boots and jeans, everything I saw was ballroom. Big time. Maybe the stoning was done a little differently, but the underlying garments would look just fine at a ballroom comp.

That said, OF COURSE I know tons of links. What are you looking for? Pictures for design ideas, reasonably priced stuff to buy, or break-the-bank stuff to keep for a while? Let me know, and I'll post some links with picture you can check out. 8)

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