Contemporary foxtrot music?

The Baseballs do old time rock covers of many popular songs. Most of there stuff turns out to be quickstep or swing/jive (perhaps with a little tempo tweaking) but they've got a few foxtrots as well. Notably:

Don't Cha (wish you're girlfriend...) - Album: Strike! Back!
California Gurls - Album: Strings N' Stripes

Also, there's a foxtrot version of Sweet Dreams (are made of this) from the album Ballroom Nights 2.


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A little fast for NC2S.

I put this in the category of songs isn't quite right for any dance but close enough to a number of dances that you can do about anything, if you have the talent.


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My partner's and my competitive goal is to make it to an Open Smooth final where we get to dance to My Bombombomb by Mo Horizons for the fox.


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Hi, I'm looking to update my foxtrot music list. I am especially interested in recent top 40 songs that can be used for foxtrot or very jazzy/funky/blues-y style foxtrots (similar in style to Capone where you can feel a character). Do any of you have suggestions? Thanks!
not top 40, but i think you'll like michel camilo's "our love is here to stay" - solo piano


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I'm a big fan of "Feeling Good" by Muse. Not a new song at all, but a very up-to-date take on it.
the tempo isn't right.

more traditional sounding songs from untraditional artists include:

sinead o'connor on "secret love"

in the jazz realm:
ben webster "in a mellow tone"
"pennies from heaven"

david sanborn "hallelujah i love her so" (james taylor)

diana krall "charmed life"

kenny burrell: "squeeze me"

madeleine peyroux "fun out of life"


jeff healey: "time on my hands" (his last album last call is VERY different)

keb' mo': "isn't she lovely":
There is a foxtrot version of Tainted Love on The Ultimate Ballroom 16 - Temptation, I quite enjoy that, although I still sing along with the Marilyn Manson version in my head.


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we've been dancing to "I can't dance" that queen? dunno...honestly I enjoy anything that doesn't sound like a foxtrot

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