corky and shirley ballas

ballroomblueeyes said:
Hey everyone....i was just going to see if anyone knows if corky and shirly have a dance studio, and if so where is it located?
thanks so much!
Corky is in Houston, but Shirely teaches at Dance Studio 101 in NYC, I think she will be there in early-mid August again.


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This is unrelated to the question (sort of) but I googled Corky Ballas and found corky dot com. I was reminded that his dad, George, invented the weed eater! I knew that from years ago but hadn't thought about it in ages.

Unfortunately I couldn't find any contact info for Corky on the sight. But the pictures are fun to look at.
As far as I know, Shirley Ballas lives in England, and travels extensively, by invitation, for coaching, judging, etc. So she doesn't teach at any one place in particular. She arranges to teach a certain person, or group, at a convenient location. Since NYC is a place with many dancers, she is frequently there. When in NYC, she could be found at any number of studios, depending on the person(s) she is teaching. As far as I know, she is not associated with any one place. In other words, you can't just go to one of the studios suggested above and expect to find her, or ask to see her. [Unless she happens to be there, by chance.]
Actually most of these places have her scheduled in advanced, so if you call them they may know when she id in again. She is usually travelling with Ricardo Cocci.

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