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1. Eventually dance at a Silver Level with a solid dance foundation before hand

2. Compete at a higher level, only competed locally

3. Waltz with my special someone

Out of all three, I'd definitely want to check the third one of my bucket list. Bleh, as much as I hate to admit it, I'm a helpless romantic.


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1. Find an amateur partner who shares my goals and aspirations
2. Compete respectably in 10 dance at Nationals (and elsewhere!)
3. Compete at one of the large British comps but not Blackpool - somewhere I can see the high level pros and amateurs dance from up close but there are not 200 in my qualifying round
4. Help build and integrate the collegiate and adult amateur scenes in my region
4. Possibly try pro am
Number one thing on my dance bucket list right now: Actually legitimately place (I placed twice at RPI, but we got last of last in both events, and it's not that I haven't competed well in the past, but at both Bronze and Newcomer I would make it to Semifinals and then my partner and I would get nervous and flop-- my current partner and I haven't made too many Semis yet-- only RPI because it was a very small comp-- but on the bright side we didn't flop so next semester we hope).

Champagne if we both make it through qualifiers Nikkitta? :p
Hell, why save the champagne for Blackpool, it seems to me that Champagne is a lovely touch for any occasion-- my partner and I already have plans to split a bottle the first time we legitimately place.


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- Attend Blackpool
- Compete at Ohio or USDC or Embassy
- dance with at least one of my sons in a showcase dance (they are 3 and 6 now, i've got some time on that!)

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