Dance Naturals -- sizing question

Pardon me for asking too many questions about shoes. I'm planning to order from UK and it'll be a painful experience if I have send the back because I order the wrong size.

So, I'm thinking of getting either Dance Naturals 202, 203 or 409, but I'm just unsure about the sizing. I normally wear size 3 UK for Supadance and International Dance Shoes. Should I get a pair of DN in size 35 or 35.5? Please share your experiences!

Thanks a bunch!!


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I wear dance naturals...Love them..I wear 9 street size.. I get 38 in the uk size. You can check out toe2toe.. They have some dance natural to pick from. I would say order a couple of different sizes and styles from them and you can always send them back.. Not as painful on the shipping and you will find the perfect fit...


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couldn't find the ray rose earthquakes i wanted anywhere in my size so i just ordered some dance naturals... my first serious latin shoes. they said they'd be here in a couple days. hope they fit -- there's just no vendor nearby and didn't have any luck at recent comps.

got the divas, part of the platinum collection. danceshopper didn't have any 2.5" so i'm jacking straight up to 3". i guess i'll have a rough start at that height but... meh, i'll give it a try.

i can always order something else if it doesn't work out...
Good question. I wanted to buy some Dance Naturals and tried getting them athe Emerald but no vendors had my size. . . . in any shoe. Only had luck at DanceLife which was my only choice. But back to tthe Dance Naturals. I imagine their shoes run large becasue normally I am a 34 (US 5.0) but in Dance Naturals it was a bit big which surprised me. They only had the ones with the T strap in that size so it may vary by style of shoe as well. What style were you looking at getting?
Dance Naturals Sizing

I'm looking to buy some Dance Natural smooth shoes

but I can't seem to find any local stores to try on a pair to figure out my size. Does anyone have advice on sizings?

I wear a 9.5 street shoe, 9 Very Fine (latin), 8.5 Stephanie (latin), 6.5 Supadance (smooth).



Based on the measurements you give, I'm guessing you would be a European 40 or 40.5 for that particular shoe. I wear a 6/6.5 in Supadance, and found the size 40 to be a little too loose for comfort.

Dance America and Danceshopper both stock the shoe, and as part of their return policy if the shoe doesn't fit, you can return it and exchange it for a different size. You'd have to cover shipping costs though, in addition to the cost of the shoe.

Dance Naturals

I noticed there wasn't a thread on dance naturals shoes (correct me if i'm wrong). I just found out the hard way that dance naturals shoes have an odd sizing system. Ordered a 35.5 euro sizing (normally wear a size 3 for ray rose). It arrived and surprise surprise, it fit me more like a US size 8. Had to spend extra money to ship it back and took a random guess and ordered a 33.5. The shoes have finally arrived, but they're a tad narrow and small. The holes in the strap were in the wrong place, and the strap was barely barely long enough for me to wrap around my foot and was actually slightly too tight. (I like wrapping the strap underneath the shoe) Still usable after I went to have new holes punched in (since I'm not allowed to do another exchange with danceshopper), but its going to take a long and painful breaking in session before I would even dare wear them to comp. Does anyone else have experiences with the sizing so maybe I can know whether or not I'm ordering the wrong size, or perhaps even the wrong style? (Got the ART27 platinum diva)

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