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Question about dance shoes but not sure if it falls in with any of the above threads :D

What do the ladies have to say about heel caps/heel covers? Do you wear them? Are they any good? Don't they come off? I have a pair of latin shoes that I love (haven't worn them much as yet) and am looking at ways to preserve them for as long as possible, other than leaving them in their box :lol:


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I've never tried the heel protectors, Pacion. I think samba ajr has. I'll see if I can find the reference in one of the existing threads.


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I use the heel protectors on both my Latin & smooth shoes.

With the Latin shoes, the impact with the floor is only slightly different with the protector. The particular shoe I like is Supadance, with a double buckle, and wrap around strap.

With the smooth shoes, the impact with the floor took a lot of getting used to. That's because of all the heel leads, with are on that protector. Plastic just doesn't glide that well across the floor. The best smooth shoe I've found is also Supadance, with a closed toe and buckled strap across the instep. I don't need the clear straps to keep from stepping out of my shoes.

I've heard that heel protectors are available with a suede bottom, but I've not tried them.


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Thanks for the tip (no pun intended LOL) Purr. The smooth shoes you're talking about -- are they a relatively new style, introduced maybe two years ago, with a somewhat pointy-looking toe box (showtime style #1012)? Are those comfortable? They're advertised as having a round toe box, but the shoes look like toe-scrunchers. What do you think?


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That's exactly the smooth shoe I wear, and I find it very comfortable. My toes are not scrunched up at all. :D

The main issue with that shoe is correct sizing. The Showtime representative at the competition where I bought them told me that particular style doesn't size exactly like the other smooth shoes, and you might not wear the same size as in your other dance shoes. I normally wear a 5 1/2 English size in my Latin shoes, but for this smooth shoe I wear a 6 1/2 English size. Go figure. :?

I started out wearing the Supadance 1035, closed toe with buckle ankle strap, in a 5 1/2 English size, for smooth. It was the most unconfortable shoe I'd ever wore, and I could barely last for more than 20 minutes on the dance floor before my feet started cramping up. :cry: I talked about this with the Showtime representative, and she had me try on the shoe in a 6 and 6 1/2 English sizes. The shoe didn't fit right with either of those sizes either. And she told me that model is one of the most popular smooth shoes they sell.

I think the thing to do is to try on as many styles as possible, to find what fits you well and is comfortable to dance in. And, I wouldn't be tied in to thinking that you wear the same size in each style of dance shoe. :)

Another shoe I like is the one of the Freed practice shoes, although I don't know the style number.


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Thanks. I'll check out those shoes. They're gorgeous. 8) And you wouldn't be talking about Roma practice shoes, would you? I'm seriously in love with those. :D


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Yes, that's the practice shoe I wear. They are very comfortable (and I wear them in a 5 1/2 English size, just like the Latin shoes). I'm just not convinced the quality of the suede bottom is as good as the Supadance shoes; it seems like they've worn faster than they should have.


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The Showtime representative sold me a replacement suede bottom, for when I want to replace it. I just haven't gotten around to it yet. :oops:


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I'll agree, too, the shoe looks good with pants. 8)

But, it's not so good with skirts or dresses. It's not the fashion statement I generally want to make. :lol:
I've got a question for those of you who order dancing shoes online. How can you buy shoes without trying them on?? I'm not sure if this has been posted before but I just cannot find answer for this.. Thanks in advance!
One suggestion is to go to local store to try them on first. The dance supplies stores here usually have them, but with limited brand/pair/style. I go there and try out various brands to find the right size for the brand that I'm looking for, and always sticking to the same size for that particular brand when I order online. That works very well for me so far.
Patapouf said:
One suggestion is to go to local store to try them on first. The dance supplies stores here usually have them, but with limited brand/pair/style. I go there and try out various brands to find the right size for the brand that I'm looking for, and always sticking to the same size for that particular brand when I order online. That works very well for me so far.
Right. Thanks for the advise! The only thing would be that sometimes the sizes for different styles under the same brand vary also :?


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Yes, they do vary even within a given brand, sometimes. If you have a nice dance shoe store (which I know a lot of people don't) you might also ask the shoe dealer for recommendations of other styles not in stock. :?
shoes of unusual size

wow, my first post here, and I'm gonna ask a really embarassing question! :oops:

My boyfriend and I just recently began taking classes for fun. We're both really enjoying it, but it's become PAINfully obvious that I need dance shoes! (we were practicing salsa yesterday and a simple side step sent me flying about 2 feet!)

I've got a problem tho :? I am a very tall woman, about 5'11". And as tall women often do...I have big feet! More specifically, I have long feet, although they are not unusually wide at all. I wear about an 11.5 regular to uhm, narrow...

As a result, I don't know that I've EVER owned a pair of shoes that fit well! But I certainly am going to want one if we continue with these classes. Okay, this has been long :lol: . My question is, what should I do? I've seen a few places online that do custom shoes, but I'm nervous about paying that much for shoes I can't try on first. I don't mind spending the money, as long as I get a well fitting shoe!

And all the custom places online have less than lenient return policies.

can anyone recommend somewhere to go? or at least someone with a reputable custom shop? Has anyone else had to buy custom shoes?!


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Welcome to df myladyfae!! Nothing embarasing about your question as after all we come in all shapes and sizes. Have you reda through the threads on this topic yet?
Welcome myladyfae, great to have you around.

I am tall too (2 inches shorter than you) but have short,wide feet so i know how difficult it is to find shoes for dancing. I have relied on practice shoes, they are more forgiving. I have ordered my shoes from but there are lots of sites.
thank you for the replies :D

I have read through all the shoe threads here. Unfortunately though, I haven't seen any of the ones mentioned that carry custom shoes. If anything the threads I read made me MORE nervous, since they stress trying shoes on first, and I think that will be impossible for me.

Seems that most well known suppliers cut off at size 10, and I'm larger than that! :cry:

I've actually done quite a bit of googling, and have found people looking for wide withs, but not for unusual sizes. Which seemed odd to me, since I was certain I couldn't be the ONLY giantess who dances! :wink:

ps: cl, thank you for the link, but sadly it looks like that ziony place must be gone now :cry:

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