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Has anyone ever attended one of these? It will be held in Las Vegas in June, lasts 5 to 6 days and seems to have something for every level. I am thinking of attenting this year. I am a beginner and and hoping a week of intensive training will move me forward. Any thoughts?

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I've been to the DanceVision Mastery Camp in Vegas. PM me if you'd like the details. :)
Thanks Dancelvr, tried to PM and cannot find how to do so, is that "start a new conversation?" If not, could you PM me and I can reply?

Newbe at dance and PM, Yikes...


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There are some older threads on Dance Camps -- Dance Vision and a couple others, IIRC. I'll look and see if those older threads are pertinent to what you're asking. brb.


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The only thread I found is super old, but what the heck. There are some observations there about Dance Vision and BYU that might pertain.
Thanks for the lead, very interesting thread. However, I decided today to enter my first comp and it falls at the same time so I will be passing on the dance camp this year.


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Just got an email about dance camp this year. The pro list is awesome, and I'm tempted to go.

Is the Vegas camp geared for social or for competitive dancers?


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One of my best dancing friends is competitive and she went to the DVMC several years in a wow, early in her "dance journey." She said she learned a lot, and it was fun, but she appreciated more the private coaching she was able to get. Then she had the realization that her dancing dollars would go further as a competitor if she took more private coaching with a variety of judges/coaches in our region throughout the year rather than get it all at once in the summer.

Me, I'd love to go, but can't justify the expense: I only dance one style, so I'd get a week of morning instruction, and then for however many days - nothing to do in the afternoons. I've thought about it every which way, and like my friend, decided I'd rather just get more coaching throughout the year.

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It depends on your access to top pros otherwise I think there is a lotto be learned there. The hotel is smoky tho I'd suggest staying at the palms and driving over
Is it true that you won't get much out of these dance camps, the lower your level is? Is it worth the money and time and effort?
I have heard tell that if you know 13 figures in a single dance, you are considered advanced (but I don't know for myself - it would be prudent to call and ask). If they gear their workshops toward the median customer, and you are too much beyond that median customer, I would speculate you may not learn a lot from the workshops.

That said, I have seen their lists of teachers in past years, and they've got some good ones. Private lessons from them is a consideration.
I'm considering the Vegas camp this year...has anyone been to this camp in the past few years?

I'm wondering if they focus mainly on steps/patterns or technique, or a mix? They do have some technique specific classes sprinkled in there, and the performances sound like they would be fun. I would probably be doing mostly the Silver level workshops in American styles.
I agree with the previous post saying that if you already have access to people like this it is not as big of a deal as if you don't. If you don't come it can be a wonderful experience to be around some of these coaches and you may hear some things you wouldn't hear elsewhere.
I just got back from the Vegas camp and figured I would follow up with my experience for anyone who may be interested in the future.

Short story - I LOVED it. It was more than I was expecting - I really learned a lot, met some great people and made some new friends (I went by myself).

I do not have consistent access to that level of coaching, so being exposed to that really opened my eyes. I stuck to the advanced level classes for the most part. I'd say how quickly you learn is a large part of which class you should take. The advanced classes moved quickly and covered some quite difficult material. I learn pretty quickly so it was nice to be in a fast paced group class.

There were 6 technique classes, which were awesome. I almost didn't take the latin one since I don't compete in that, but I am so glad I did. Most of the technique classes focused on body movement/balance in general and were so helpful. The rest of the non-technique classes were also great. After the first day I had a feeling for which teachers cover technique in addition to or while giving you new groupings. In a few cases, I'd drop down a level for a particular teacher, and I think I got more out of doing that than learning some new grouping without them touching on technique. I will say the groupings they gave us were all original and pretty cool, so I did really enjoy dancing them, and it gave me plenty of ideas for open choreography.

Lastly the performance routines were so fun. The advanced waltz was quite difficult, but I was really glad for the challenge and I was proud to have learned something like that so quickly.

It was a really busy week, I took 33(!!) classes, plus practice time and a private lesson w/ Liana, even lost a few pounds. Hard work but it was great. Anyway - hope that helps someone in the future!

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