Dancing and emotions


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I stress a lot about dance. But then, I chose to because I cannot stress about the real aspects of my life that are indeed stressful. So, I just think of dance and stop thinking about all the other real life problems there is nothing I can do about...I don't know if I made any sense, I hope I did...However, I just lose it sometimes and nomatter how hard I try, my body has a mind of its own, so I've beentold. And this is not by one but by 5 pros and 4 classmates. I think it's good for me not bad that this happens, but I freak out when it does.


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Personally, I have never allowed stress from other aspects of real life to creep upon my dancing. I even follow a simple rule: if I’m so frustrated that I can’t let it go then it’s time to go home and unwind. Applying that rule ensured that the large part of my dancing memories have been happy ones :)

So unless there’s a jerk on the dance floor then it’s all smiles, playfulness, passion or tango-drama for me! (Depending on what the music and dance partner requires, of course)

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