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I think it depends on how good the local instructors are. They're not as good as your old instructors, but if they're still significantly better than you - good enough for you to learn something from - I'd consider taking lessons from them.
this is a good point but I still think that if you can clearly distinguish why one is better than the other...you are not well served by putting money down for lesser instruction
I vote strongly against B: could cause you bad habits that later will cause you more $ and more time.
I will do C: good dancing is good dancing-- will still learn how to move more efficiently, isolation, musicality, etc.... than if you were not taking lessons.
or see how far you will have to travel to get good instruction... maybe something you can do on Saturdays..


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Less than good instructors are a waste of time and money and it takes a l-o-n-g time to unlearn bad habits that you might acquire from them.
I agree with Tanya. But only do C is you will enjoy the other styles. Remember your enjoyment of dancing is the top priority.

I have found some of the youtube videos to be wonderful training material. NOT TO REPLACE AN INSTRUCTOR..... But, if there is no instructor around or you want clarification, you can easily download videos off YouTube and play them back frame by frame to see what the pro is actually doing. It was a major eye opener to watch a lot of the top standard dancers this way. I found a ton of problems with my dancing this way and understand what it is I am doing incorrectly.
I don't know do you like rhythm, but if you do. I will say C.

Or find some information about better coaches whom comes to your town. Or ask in your studio if they are willing to invite some other coaches.
How far away is the closest "good instructor"?
As far as i have researched, a few hours drive away...... down in southern texas probably. Too far to have a regular lesson.

The studio i frequent only brought in 1 coach the whole year for 1 visit. Good coach but you need to see them on a more regular basis, me thinks.

Thanks all for the replies. Lots of good thoughts to ponder upon.


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I agree with Fasc: C first, and failing that, a combination of A & D. In addition to good dancing being good dancing, you never know -- if you try a new style to accommodate a better pro, you might find yourself loving something you never knew you could love.

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you might find yourself loving something you never knew you could love.
like Brees rumba walsk eh?? oh no its not a press line ( never answered) weight distribution is totally different

go to vegas dance camp, take some privates with her, and tell her to send me the bill LOL


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Wondering why there is no option "e" - see if there are any female coaches of equal or better quality in the area. A new perspective is always good.

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