Dancing in Shanghai

Hi! Does anybody know anywhere I can actually dance Ballroom and Latin in Shanghai? I'm under the impression that a lot of people do it, but either I'm in the wrong city or I'm not looking in the right direction.


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I live in Toronto Ontario. For dancing venue I go to http: //www.dancinglist.com which lists majority places in Ontario and Florida USA.
But when my wife and I were in Shanghai and surrounding cities in june this Summer, we can hardly find a place to dance. We did managed to go a place called 白乐门 (pronoune roughly bay-loo-mum). At time it was under renavation. We paid 100.00 YMB each for afternoon section of 3 hours. If one didn't have a partner a host will cost you 400.00 YMB (1 US = 7.45 YMB). At night the admmision will be 200.00.
They reopen Late July this year and claim a high class night club.
I Googled with 白乐门 上海 + night club, dancing , got few website you can visit, but you may need a Chinese friend to translate some of them.
http: //www.shanghaining.com
http: //www.shanghaistuff.com
http: //clubzone.cn/events/event4596.html
http: //clubzone.cn/events/event4377.html

Good luck and post here if you do find few nice place.

PS: this messange board don't have a spelling check and I can't copy/paste to my email to correct, hope you still can read it.

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Finally I found the Website for Paramount (白乐门 )
http: //www.sh-paramount.com/web/sh-paramount-blm01.htm
Looking at the floor plan it certain will be a great night club secting, but the dance floor is actually only 1/2 of what it used to be before the renavation when we visit there.

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another ballroom dance club

besides "paramount", there's another ballroom dance club called "The Blackpool Dream" in shanghai. Sorry i wasn't able to find their website, but here's the address:

黑池梦国标会所地址: 四川北路518号5-6楼(近武昌路)
电话: 021-63931808
The Blackpool Dream Club
Floor 5-6, No. 518, North Sichuan Rd. (near Wuchang Rd.)
Telephone: 021-63931808

good luck and have fun!


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Suggestion-- go to the IDTA ( I think the UKA also ) website-- they have member listed schools in their directory for Asia-- this would be the surest method if you want B/Room type dancing as opposed to club style .
unfortunately IDTA doesn't have any information about ballroom dance studios in china

if you are looking for some ballroom dance studios in shanghai, i can tell you a number of them as I'm currently located here. the problems is most of the studios (at least the ones I have attended) only have group lessons in chinese. however, there are instructors who speak English, Zhi Wei Qian & Yao Che for example (see their international rating at http://dancesportinfo.net/Couple/Zhi_Wei_Qian_and_Yao_Che,10063/Results.aspx). Feel free to leave me a message if you need their contact info.

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