Dancing makes me happy because ...


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All this time, when friends and family have asked me why I dance, I've said,"because it makes me happy." Now, disaster of all disasters, someone asked me,"Why does it make you happy?" :shock: :? :lol: I finally came up with an answer, which I'll share later.

Now I'm curious, though. Why does dancing make you happy? What exactly is it about dance that keeps you coming back?


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I love dancing because of the wonderful feeling you get when it all comes together. You know those dreams where you're flying? Dancing feels like that from time to time. That's why I love doing it. And it's addictive.


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Why does dancing make me happy, let me count the ways.

1) When doing exercise your body releases endorphins that are taken to your brain releasing a natural high.

2) The world is becoming more and more impersonal everyday. It is nice to be able to hold a beautiful woman in my arms with no expectations attached.

3) I am a perfectionist, therefore trying to perfect a skill makes me happy.

4) When you are a dancer you are part of a group that has a mutual understanding. It makes me happy to feel like I have that understanding with some people. Thank you danceforum!!!!!!!

I'ld do more but I have to go. I'll get back to this later.
Vin said:
4) When you are a dancer you are part of a group that has a mutual understanding. It makes me happy to feel like I have that understanding with some people
Yeah, it brings people together! People come to enjoy the music (hopefully you love all the music you are dancing to) and as someone once said, "dance is its physical manifestation". It's not glitzy or showcasing, just common folk...

I was thinking about dance one of these days and I made this sort of off hand connection to spirituality. I know that in church when some people 'catch the spirit' they go crazy and wave their arms and just can't sit still. That's they're way of praising God. Well I don't know if you beleive in God or not, but I don't think you have to to appreciate the fact that dance is sort of like our praise. Praise that life is so good, praise to your higher being, praise to the music. Your movements to the music is that joy coming out.

Why else do I like dance, because you do it with the opposite sex and it's sooooooooooo romantic :D That unfathomable connection two people can have


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Dancing makes me happy, because, believe it or not I found it very difficult at first. But because I practised and practised I finally find it simple, I guess I love the fact I can actually do it. It makes me feel so alive. :lol:
Why ?

Because I'm sooooooooooo in looooooooooooooooooove with half the women in the club, and I get to hold each and every one of them at least once in my arm every night (and sometimes, if I play my cards right, I might even push my luck to cuping a feel)

Huh ?


Did I say that out loud ???


OK, I'll let myself out...
pygmalion said:
Now I'm curious, though. Why does dancing make you happy? What exactly is it about dance that keeps you coming back?
why is the earth roundish?
why does the sunrise?
why are there black holes in space?

connection connection connection connection connection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

( my hormones is jumping gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah) :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
It makes me feel alive... probably the endorphines... :oops: :oops: :oops: I love the connection, the human touch... the ability to do things I thought I'd never manage to do... the appreciative looks of bystanders... the music that gets into my brain... soooooooooooo many things and none of them actually sums up what I feel... :)
I agree with Sabor... you can explain why the sun rises... but is it the real explanation? Physics and biology and chemistry and mathematics... do they really explain the complexity of the human mind???
Well, it depends on what dance for me. If it's communal dancing like contra, it's about socializing and dancing with everyone. If it's partner dancing, it's the fact that you can spend 2-3 minutes in a physical conversation with someone. Certainly the fact that I have a woman's undivided attention for 3 minutes is a nice thing too (not to mention I guess on the follower's perspective, it's the only time that a man pays any attention to her for more than 3 seconds :lol: ).
Dancing makes me happy because ... :roll:

:idea: it makes me sweat and I just love spraying over everyone :wink: :lol:

Okay, I will tell the truth. Dancing stimulates the glands that produce the release of "Happy" hormones :D . Where are these glands found? On the soles of my feet, the palms of my hands and in my ears. Occassionally, they move around and reside on my back also :D


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Angelo said:
when I'm dancing I no longer hear those voices in my head
Not me. I can still hear them, but at least they're all too busy counting. [grin]

Besides the obvious benefits of positive social contact with women, I can immediately think of two things:

1. It's an entirely new and different set of skills than I have worked with before, so it's a complete change from what I would normally be doing and stressing out over -- even stressing out over something completely different can be fun.

2. I'm working with and developing an entirely new part of me that a few years ago I had thought didn't exist at all.


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That's a difficult question, I'll have to think about it. But I do know this. I savor those moments when I feel like I have that connection with my dance partner, and it feels like we're on fire flying across the dance floor!
Why does dancing make me happy? Well I guess I have never thought about it before. Let me think .....

- I love music and there is something about moving to music that just makes me feel happy and relaxed.
- It explores the artistic side of my nature.
- I love the people I am currently mixing with because of dancing.
- I love the challenge that proper technique and styling gives me.
- I am a closet perfectionist so dancing gives me an avenue to get this out of my system in an environment where perfectionism is not such a bad thing.
- The idea that every time you get out on the floor it is different keeps it interesting and challenging.
- The physical contact with a man in a non threatening environment is just heaven!

I could go on and on and on, but I think that will do for now. :D


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I'm happy as I feel alive. I get to touch another person in ways that I never would when not on the floor. :wink: Our touch results in a responsiveness, a flow back and forth - crashing live waves against the coral reef, and the ripples on a pond - a continual exchange of control, of trust....

Dancing as a follower makes me happy as I enjoy the experience of each person's unique flavor of musical interpretation. Dancing as a leader and adapting to different followers does not come close to this experience. I hunger for this more and more. One entire intermediate zydeco class and I've been won over. :)

Dancing as a leader makes me happy as I can express my love for the music with my own style. No matter whom I dance with that "me-ness" is there. :D You see me dance, you see me. I don't mind showing it all. I surrender my desire, my normal obssesive need for control, and let my partner and music guide me along.


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What I love about dancing...

Being one with the music, becoming its physical expression.

Connection. I don't know how to describe the joy I get from occasions when I accept a dance with a complete stranger with no expectations and finding an instant connection that takes the dance onto a whole different plane. It's like flying in your dreams, as Laura says -- just wonderful.

Being a follower. Sagitta is spot on about what an amazing experience it is.

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