Dancing shoes and the right size

I have really high arches as well, so I commiserate with you. I would get an arch support that fits nicely/snugly so that you don't have PAIN from standing/dancing too many hours at once. Take it from one who has been there, done that and has the scars from foot surgery to prove it.

I usually don't wear practice shoes for that reason. I find that my "regular" dance heels serve me better because of my arches.

Sign me,

Dying to get back into Latin so I have an *excuse8 to buy a NEW pair of shoes.....
Oh yeah- that reminds me, i have another random question. Closed toed shoes seem not fit, whereas open toed, higher heeled sandled type things that dont really seem practical for every day dancing... Any thoughts?
My dance shoes are 2 sizes smaller than my street shoes. I walk in Australian 9.5, and dance in 8.5 wide. The main reason been that its hard to find street shoes that fit my feet comfortably, a 9 is too tight across the top of the shoe. But when I brought my dance shoes I had them custom made for me. The sole is 8.5 wide, bit he used extra leather in the upper to allow for my high arch.


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I have spent so much money trying to find the right shoes! I did recently buy a pair of Dance Naturals that are 1 whole size smaller and they are perfect for me. My toes do hang over a bit (especially my #2 toe, which is longer than my big toe), but they give me good support, are snug enough and give me better control over my feet. My problem was my very narrow width, and when I have purchased XN shoes, the support across the middle part of the shoe was miniscule. So, buying the size smaller really helped me.

I think it's just going to take trying a lot of different types/makes of shoes to figure out what works. Unfortunately, it can be an expensive process.

Good luck!


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The point of the snug fit is so that the shoe fits like an extension of your foot. No extra room for sliding around in. Think ballet slippers - if you haven't worn them yourself, you've seen pictures of them - how tightly they fit. Same for Jazz shoes.
I take a street shoe size 6 or 6 1/2.
Smooth/Standard satin pumps, size 4.
Latin shoes, 3 1/2 usually.
Ballet and Jazz shoes- size 4.
Regular high heels -7, depending on maker.

I've had two different pair of the same court shoe, from the top-of-the-line English Dance Shoe company, fit differently.
One Ahhh. The next, ARRRRGH!
Variables, variables. Everyone has shoe tales.
I have one.
I will vie for best dance shoe story with all comers.
What say you, Lady Gingers and Lord Freds? :D
I got arch supports for my shoes today! I have yet to dance in them, so we'll see.
My only good shoe story is the one where i was dancing and i realized it was raining and my top to my convertible was down outside, so without eveing thinking i ran outside to put it down. Needles to say i was sorta squeaky after that. Well the next day i had a workshop, and a private. That was... FUN. especcially since the whole private was based on spinning and turing and foot pressure. I STUCK to the floor.


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I've never had that problem. With latin shoes, the soles are very flexible and it doesn't hurt to have your toes peep over the edge. Now- in a tango shoe...you really don't want your toes over the edge, especially if you are dancing in a hard leather sole. It hurts to have your toe rubbing over the edge in Tango shoes.
I got my size 34 comme il fauts on monday and they fit perfectly- in fact i'm not even right up to the very edge! My toes are safe and they are so comfy!


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They're bizarrely comfy, aren't they. I haven't been able to figure out how, exactly, but they are.

So...pics... *tapping foot impatiently*


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Freaky, innit?

My 4" ones are high and they feel it. But the 3.5" ones I had...they were like nothing. I could (and did, on a few occasions to catch my train) literally jog/sprint in them.


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spec, am happy to hear they fit gorgeously.
all this shoe talk is worse than the T&F choco-talk, tho... would so much rather than shoes than chocolate...

love the color in the photo... wow. is that sort of a tapestry kind of fabric on them?


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she showed me yesterday, they are glittery lamé with sparkles and applique (is that the word?) purple swirls.
I want some too... 'snot fair...
they are the smallest adult shoes i've ever seen in my life!
I got my size 34 comme il fauts on monday and they fit perfectly ... and they are so comfy!
Here is what Googe had to say! ;)

Comme il Fauts are the Manolo Blahniks of tango footwear - ultra-chic, outrageously sexy, and superbly crafted with the most unique colors and designs, and a very distinctive stiletto heel. Don't let the heel scare you - it makes dancing backward as easy as walking forward, and is perfectly positioned to provide incredible stability
hi!!! i had the same problem. But a friend who has been dancing for a long time suggested me to try buying a pair of shoes at Arika Neguiz. It was fantastic because I am starting tango lessons and I had no idea of what to do about the shoes. But by fortune in Arika Nerguiz they assisted me on the size, the style and everything!!! Now I have this shoes that I recommend you try. They are really comfortable!!!

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