Dancing With the Stars All-Star Edition Coming Next Season to ABC!


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I really liked Shawn's rumba. I'm not sure why Len decided her rumba lacked proper hip action while praising Apolo for his...ummm...errrr...ok.

Team dance... WTH?? lol. But it looked like they were having fun.
yeah, team dance, well what can you say. I thought is was hysterically funny for some reason. I doubt there is much you can do with that song except make it ridiculous.

While I enjoyed the "rumba", I totally missed any actual "rumba" moves in it, not that I am any great expert on international rumba. While I understand what Len was getting at , the inconsistency is irritating.


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They're going to be dancing ballroom dances to it, so I have no particular objection to it, personally. Not that there's anything wrong with country dances, of course. It's just that it's ballroom that I watch the show for. (And I can't help but suspect that when they do things like country two-step on the show, their efforts have to be somewhat painful for actual country dancers to watch.)

I do tend to think that Halloween would have been the more theme though, giving up on the idea that they could possibly just forego theme weeks.


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Here are Toni Redpath's commentaries, as posted on her public FB business page (i.e. I am not pulling these off her personal page and passing them along without checking with her first):

.@kellymonaco1: #DWTS Samba really suited you. You were sultry & slick. Pull your lats down & pick your chin up through your turns; they are still posture-wise your weakest action.
.@GillesMarini: #DWTS Thank goodness you had rumba this week; sexy Gilles is back. Loved the basics at the beginning. Beautifully danced.
.@kirstiealley: #DWTS Moved pretty lightly across the floor but your topline was really not good. Your elbows were held top low. Your head was turned way too far left & the weight of that is collapsing your left side in the same direction. You spent a lot of the routine looking down & counting. The man is in charge of timing, just relax & perform & let Max take care if the counts.
.@EmmittSmith22: #DWTS I'm still distracted by the fact that you always tilt your head to the right. It makes it look like your thinking of the routine rather than living it. Your samba was pretty good otherwise.... Really good voltas
.@MelissaRycroft: #DWTS Great feel for the drama & passion of Tango. Being fussy I need to say that if you wear a shorter skirt & silver shoes you are really going to draw attention to your footwork. You missed a lot of heel leads & made many other footwork errors but you make up for it with amazing leg extension!
Wow! Look at little miss @ShawnJohnson all grown up & oh so sophisticated! @derekhough is a genius; Best #DWTS routine of the season.
.@ApoloOhno: #DWTS You are just so cool! You even make a cheesy 70's outfit look kinda sexy! Your samba had good attitude however you are locked up in your back & shoulders and it makes you move in a block and you look a bit hunched. I love though that you feel so confident that you can song along while dancing!
.@SabrinaBryan: #DWTS Such expressive use of your arms & fingers - very soft & elegant & such a lovely contrast to your usual powerful style. Very difficult steps executed with very good technique; only a couple of tiny little bobbles.
Last night’s #DWTS group number was kooky & fun, but I have to give this week to the first group of twinsies.


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does anyone remember the first few seasons? They used to have the pros give a short demo of each dance as it came up and a short explanation of the moves that were characteristic of the dance. I wish they would do that again. It couldn't hurt.

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