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A little surprised by tonight's elimination. I thought for sure Bristol would be going home. I am not a Palin hater, but I did think Bristol was the worst dancer and needed to go tonight. And then Kirstie IMO. She doesn't look good this season. I figured Joey and Kym would have a decent fan base so just weird how it turned out.


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The problem is that everyone this season has a big fan base. Some of the folks who liked Joey in his first run probably liked one of the other dancers this season better. That's the way it goes.

I also think Joey may have been a little too campy in his performance. I know his facial expressions on Monday's show distracted me a bit.

It is a shame Kym is off though. She's one of my favorites.:(


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I cannot emphasize strongly enough that this is not intended as any sort of a political post, but Bristol's voting base makes me sad. Don't get me wrong, Joey wasn't doing all that great on the dancing side of things either, but at least he seemed to have a better attitude towards the show. I'd simply have rather watched him for another week or two than Bristol.

And more importantly, the fact that she wasn't even in the botton two makes me worry that she's going to stay well past the point where she's knocking off people who really are doing a reasonably respectable job with their dancing. I don't think I'm going to be entirely put out if the double elimination next week has shennanigans to make who goes a bit less dependant on the audience voting. Not that a lot of it doesn't boil down to the judges marks anyways. They are, as always, more tightly bunched than they really have to be.


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I think the more people complain about Bristol, the more people will vote for her. I was surprised that she and Kirstie weren't the bottom two--neither of them really seem quite as with it. Though I understand Joey going, actually. I liked Bristol the first week and at least knew Kirstie would be good personality-wise, and I was actually bored and unimpressed watching Joey. He just didn't seem to have his heart in it. (Missed him this week, had to hand over the TV for Warehouse 13.) And I'd be fine with Kelly leaving--she only has one thing going for her and since I'm a hetero female I can't appreciate it. (Val doesn't do it for me, either, he seems like kind of a pale Xerox of his brother personality-wise. And I do love Maks and Kirstie's interaction.) Drew also seems a bit phoning-it-in, though Helio, too, is a little off...eh, if I start voting, my tall-dark-and-dancing votes are going to Gilles who is smokin'. Not just to look at, I'm really liking his dancing.

I still LIKE Sabrina but they need to watch the overpraising/overscoring. That's what bit her in the butt last time. The QS was good from the shoulders up but something about her feet just nagged at me the whole way through.
"The ________ was good from the shoulders up but something about her feet just nagged at me the whole way through."

If we're being honest, you could say something like that about any of the better dancers. Most frames and legs could use a significant amount of work in reality. Dances that look good on the surface are going to get overscored/marked simply because it's TV.

Funny aside: I've noticed in a few different venues that men are more likely to pick Sabrina as the best dancer, and women are more likely to pick Gilles or Apolo as the best dancer as it stands right now.


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Right now I call Gilles/Sabrina finale, myself (and did last week as well). Apolo's first dance...I dunno, I was expecting better. He did improve this time. With the men, I tend to like their feet more than their topline (for Standard, anyway.) I almost felt like Sabrina's heels were too high and she was having to stay on her toes too much.

Melissa for dark horse, though. (Go Tony!)


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Shawn, Gilles, and Melissa went head to head in their earlier season. Very unlikely that their placement would follow the exact same order this time around. I'm pretty sure they are the only season where all 3 finalists are back again.

My final 3 predictions are Gilles for the win, Sabrina 2nd, and hummmm maybe Apolo or Melissa for 3rd. We'll see if I'm anywhere close.
My final 3 predictions are Gilles for the win, Sabrina 2nd, and hummmm maybe Apolo or Melissa for 3rd. We'll see if I'm anywhere close.
I've got Sabrina for the win right now, though it's really tight. I think the "wuzrobbed" title, as doi says it, will bump her for the win. Otherwise I'm right with you on that.


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lol..you know, I grew up in the 70s...dudes had long hair :)....honest to goodness, between the hair and the chest I didn't even get to the pants (ahem, which is unusual for me...cough)...perhaps it is due to the lack pof tequila, but that is just the way it worked for me :)


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Maks looked kinda like Freddie Mercury :cool:

Don't know what the judges were gushing over in Melissa's "Samba". Did not see it. At all. Don't go picking apart Apolo's footwork and hand positions but tell Melissa her technique was perfect. It wasn't even close. Bristol: just go home. Others want to be here much more than you do. She didn't think her Quickstep was that bad last week? Try watching the playbacks. Pitiful. Delusions are a horrible thing.

Hope Helio sticks around. Unfortunate mishap :(


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I know where Bristol's coming from--it is hard knowing you're your teacher's 'unfavorite.' (I don't doubt Mark is trying and would never deliberately sabotage her, but I also do think he probably can't help wishing he'd gotten a sure thing like Shawn or a second shot with Sabrina and it probably shows sometimes.)

I think the double elimination is set up to ensure she goes, though, and it could be Drew or Helio gone with her (Kirstie might or might not have saved herself or she's pulling enough voting numbers they aren't worried.) I'm kind of okay with Drew or Helio leaving, neither one does a lot for me. I'm still kind of leaning Gilles/Sabrina, though I think Shawn obviously might have pulled ahead (except I have to not be a fan of that not-a-quickstep--entertaining, but REALLY removed from the dance.)

Kelly...meh. I don't know if Val is just not yet any good at dancing down or it really is she's just short, but it's just not working for me. She'll stay, though, the soap fans don't have much else to do but vote....liked her dress, though. HATE HATE HATED Sabrina's. Does someone in the costume shop dislike her or something?


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I liked Apolo, Shawn, and Sabrina best tonight (though I have to agree with DOI about her dress, not so much the look of it, etc. but the boob bouncing it allowed was really distracting from her dancing). As a large-chested lady, I cannot stand it if I'm bouncing around everywhere when I'm on the floor. Sometimes you just have to sew in your own underwire. Looks like they should have been able to fit her a little better in costuming.

I don't dislike Bristol but I do hope she goes home tomorrow. She is so far behind the other celebs. Then I wouldn't be upset if Kirstie or Kelly went also. I like Helio. I hope he stays. I'm luke-warm about Drew.

I've always like Gilles, ever since his season with Shawn and Melissa. But one who is really growing on me is Apolo. He seems a bit more likeable than Gilles too. Gilles' likeability is what I loved about him his first season. Now he almost seems a bit cocky. He probably has earned a little cockiness on the dance floor, but the "i'm just so wide-eyed and happy to be here" Gilles from the first time he was on suited him better IMO.
Keep in mind I saw almost none of the scores or intros, due to not getting in until Helio started his dance. Watched Youtube videos instead, but I did star the ones for which I actually got to see the setup packages .

*Shawn and Derek - There was enough quickstep content to satisfy me, and I thought she moved well in hold. Best ever? Not for me, but it is up there. (Derek's '50's Paso still holds that torch for me)
*Bristol and Mark - I actually thought from the neck down she did a good job tonight. I would put her well in the mix with Kirstie, Helio and Drew as "If this were a normal season of DWTS, I'd like you a lot more." I've thought since the beginning that Mark has been trying too hard to pretend that he actually wanted her as a partner for this season, so I'm glad she brought it up. I don't think she changed his mind, though, because he still seems fake.
Helio and Chelsie - Oh Helio.. I was a big fan back in the day, but you just don't seem to be getting any better. I am beginning to think Chelsie is not a particularly good teacher, from everything I've seen. Love his personality though. He does seem to genuinely enjoy himself, and I think he may get by on the energy of the dance.
Sabrina and Louis - I've been very high on Sabrina, but something about it wasn't working as well for me tonight. Too many awkward transitions for me maybe?
Kirstie and Maks - I felt like there was a lot of distraction going on... away from her dancing, which didn't have any *pop*. Between the previous season and this one, I feel like I'm overloaded on Kirstie Cha Cha, too.
Kelly and Val - She feels like she's just one or two steps shy of being on the level with Shawn or Sabrina on the female side. Val rocked it, and I feel like he actually made Kelly look worse than she was. SOOOO happy to hear an actual paso from the orchestra.
Apolo and Karina - I think this was my favorite dance of the night. His feathers and threes moved so well, and the rest of it glided almost effortlessly. I think he also got some good work in on his frame, which is usually my biggest complaint with him.
Melissa and Tony - Haha, loved the beginning! I feel like she and Kelly are on a similar level. I was really impressed, but found myself wincing just a few too many times at various things, it felt like.
Gilles and Peta - The man's good, no doubt about it. Generally was a big fan, though i really wish Peta would get him to bring his hips in more in promenade and outside partner positions.
Drew and Anna - Liked him a lot in the past, but he just doesn't seem to have the spark this time around. I don't think he's gotten any better, and I think he misses Cheryl. Like Chelsie, I wonder about Anna as a teacher/motivator.
Emmitt and Cheryl - Another one in the "bar's higher, and you're not quite there" bin. He looks like a past season finalist, but not a current season finalist. I did think his routine got better as it went on, and I thought the tour-jeté-y thing he did was kinda fun and quirky. I don't think the music and mariachi theme matched his attitude though, and that's mostly not on him.

My top 3 this week: 1. Apolo 2. Shawn 3. Gilles/Sabrina
Bottom 3: Kirstie, Drew, Bristol (not in any particular order) with next up probably being Emmitt


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I watched DWTS last night, though it was my first time this season. Perhaps, because it was "creative" night... or whatever the theme was, the judges seemed to reward different things than I would. Although Melissa's samba certainly had some cool athletic moves at the beginning, I did not see much samba, and I certainly didn't see good samba technique, yet the judges loved it. I thought Giles looked great, yet they criticized his technique. I liked Kelly.. I thought she danced well. I thought Kirstie had good foot work in her chacha. In general I found the show to be a bit confusing... alot of liberty taken in the choreography, alot of accolades from the judges on "flash" over solid technique. Shawn and Sabrina are too much "out of the box, the obvious front runners" for me.., I like to see development and growth throughout the season.

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