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That's my problem. I really can't stand watching Elisabetta, but I would hate to see Val leave so early. He is the reason I am looking forward to this season. On the other hand, she has no fan support and she is really pretty awful, so I can't see her staying more than another week at most.
Petra wasd the only model I ever liked, as she seemed genuine (is that possible? a model who is genuine?), and she had at least some dance quality.

Uh, that's pretty much ALL I do, unless there's a star I feel particularly strongly about one way or another. Most of them are total nonentities to me (like all of them this season, though I guess Carson shows Saddlebreds so I ought to show some equine-related love) to the point I honestly can't remember who most of them are, so the pros are all I have to go on. This season in particular one pro's an actual real-life acquaintence whom I've actually worked with so of course I'm voting to keep him on.

And I am SURE Val is what saved Elisabetta's butt, as models tend to have a very short lifespan on DWTS unless paired with a propular pro (see Brooke and Derek, though with Shannon and her whineyness that did eventually backfire.) Very limited name recognition, most women aren't going to like them (as they're impossible to identify with). Peta or whatever her name was (tsunami-girl) was the exception that proved the rule, she happened to be good, have a cute pro with name rec himself, and a Tragic Backstory (tm) that garners sympathy. In Elisabeta's case, "Poor me, I broke up with George Clooney" is not exactly going to go very far as idenfiability goes. Having Maks's hottie younger brother as a partner? Gonna go a VERY long way.


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It amazes me how much hate there is on this forum for SYTYCD and non-ballroom styles. Then again, 90% of you or more are pure ballroom dancers, and this is a ballroom-centric site, so I guess that's to be expected.
Far from true in this household! Both my 8-year-old daughter and I are taking hip-hop this year with a Season 1 SYTYCD top 3 finisher, Jamile McGee. We LOVE it!!! (We're not in the same class, obviously. She's in with 5-8 year olds, and I'm in the adult class.)

I will say that I think SYTYCD has gone downhill for me since the awesome season 4, and I don't think I've watched all the way to the end since season 5...but season 8 did seem to me a big improvement on the bland 6 and 7.

I am now going to make a possibly annoying editorial comment. Is it absolutely necessary for them to show a clip of Kristen Cavallari calling someone a b-word during a show that airs at 8 PM and has tried to market itself as family entertainment? I am a pretty liberal parent, and no, I'm not naive enough to think my 4th grader doesn't know curse words, but seeing an adult direct a curse word in the face of another adult? Not cool in my book, and not necessary for this show.
I am now going to make a possibly annoying editorial comment. Is it absolutely necessary for them to show a clip of Kristen Cavallari calling someone a b-word during a show that airs at 8 PM and has tried to market itself as family entertainment?
Actually, I hadn't given this any thought, but I am surprised that they could get away with that before the watershed.


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Actually, I hadn't given this any thought, but I am surprised that they could get away with that before the watershed.
The watershed's more or less 9pm in the US, so it's borderline, but workable. And actually, while ABC (being one of the "free" broadcast networks) might get in minor trouble for it, it's relatively minor, not like one of the big words you cannot say before 10pm or un-pixelated nudity. (And on cable, it's strictly a courtesy thing to advertisers--they AREN'T subject to any of the Safe Harbor rules, they just normally tone things down before 10 because advertisers worry. Hence the premium channels not having to worry about it, and PBS some nights, too.)

Given the shows Kristen (or whatever Mark's girl's name is) was on, it's probably not like they had a lot of scenes to chose from.


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My Faves (in no particular order):
-Chynna (although she is obviously one of the better dancers, I think she will need to appeal to the audience more personality-wise to make it all the way)
Today's New York Times has a nice article on DWTS that states the people now tune in to see the pros rather than the celebrities. The paper says this is because the celebrities are less and less of star quality, but also, and more importantly, becasue the pros have now become famous, people relate to them, know them and want to watch them. On the downside, in another article in the Business section, the paper reports that the ratings for last week were way below last year's (28% lower for the results show) and that this may spell the slow end of some reality shows. So enjoy while you can, folks.


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If we're getting rid of reality shows, we can keep DWTS and lose Jersey Shore (which is probably going to lose its NJ state film incentive funding, yay, not that it'll put a stop to the show...)
I just watch DWTS for the fun of it because I love to see dancing, especially partner dancing. (My favorite show, though, is SYTYCD, because it has so much more and so much better dancing).

I have seen all seasons except season 1 and I normally know one celebrity when I am lucky, so my expectations in that respect are always low (I have a good chance to know the internationally known athletes except the football, baseball, basketball players) . But over time I get to know them all a bit and then might have my favorites. This season I even know 3 of the so called stars, who would have thought... I was excited to hear that Hope Solo would be on the show. She did great in the women's soccer world cup in June!

However, I think the level of dancing is considerably lower this season than in previous seasons. Or is it only me? I am not a ballroom dancer and cannot judge technique, but tonight it seemed to me that all except JR Martinez had a hard time making it through. It was painful to watch them for the most part.

I think JR was by far the best tonight, he had great musicality and was light on his feet. And I cannot understand how Ricky gets higher scores than him, her jive looked very heavy to me, as if she was not able to get her feet and weight off the ground and tried to "cover" that by trying to be fancy and sexy.

If I had to choose a pro to train me, it would definitely be Tristan, I thought tonight. His partner (Grace?) seems to be a difficult person and he was so kind and gracious with her. I sympathized with Elisabetta because I would not be able to cope with neither Val nor Max. I would have reacted the same way. Somebody who would talk to me like that, accusing me of not listening and not wanting to learn when I give my everything, would completely frustrate and demotivate me and make me give up.

I might be the only one her, but I just have a blast with Bruno. The show would not be the same without him! I could do without Carry Ann, though. And I love Len but wasn't he in a grumpy mood tonight? I think his expectations had been much higher, too.

I miss Chelsea! After Julianne left, she has been my favorite pro. I loved her as a contestant on SYTYCD and was excited when she came to DWTS! I hope she will be back next season.

JR Martinez all the way!!!!


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Tristan's partner is Nancy Grace, tv lawyer.

And Riki got high scores because she's dancing with Derek. Derek can do no wrong, for some incomprehensible reason.


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JR Martinez killed that Jive!- I don't give a crap what the judges thought. It was as close to perfection as it gets. So maybe a few more kicks would have made it more jive and less lindy (which is where jive came from!) :rolleyes:
However, I think the level of dancing is considerably lower this season than in previous seasons. Or is it only me? I am not a ballroom dancer and cannot judge technique, but tonight it seemed to me that all except JR Martinez had a hard time making it through. It was painful to watch them for the most part.
It's about on par with most seasons and really, it's actually better than the past two in my opinion. The judges are niggling about a bit, but for the most part people aren't selling out to the audiences and they're making a concerted effort to really dance well (Thank you Mark and Derek for doing tolerable choreography again). I feel like we've actually got some dancers here who are capable of making a decent run at it, whereas the last couple winners were more of the "Well it doesn't exactly look like the real deal but they're having a lot of fun!" variety.

What I don't understand is how JR gets marked down for doing a lindy-ish jive when that sort of thing is as common as it has been. To me the jives always seem to stray the furthest from what you would see on the competition floor going back many seasons, and this is the first I can recall somebody being called out on it.

Other notes:
I wish Chynna had better fast-twitch muscles or she'd be tops! She reminds me a lot of Jane Seymour...

I was so glad to see Carson tone it down a bit this week (not a fan of the "omg sequins!" schtick), and was even more glad to see him putting some visible work into his dancing.

Ricki Lake looked improved but kind of leaves me dry... she seems to obsess about the weight loss thing too much.

I'm still kind of disappointed in Hope... Should she really be doing this and also the USWNT simultaneously? Being an active athlete isn't quite the same as being a soap star or a retired [insert whatever profession here]. Lots of contradictory muscle memory happening. Then again, I'm still holding out for a surprise.

I like Tristan very much but can't see past Nancy Grace's other occupation (sensationalized gossip) enough to like her.

David Arquette... oh dear. He might be gone this week after seeming like he had potential last week.

I was getting kind of excited for Elisabetta and Val during their quickstep... and then halfway through they broke hold. It was almost like that was the point in the dance that matched up with the training video when she quit on Val. She has potential for sure, but I'm wondering if she'll go all the way with it.

Chaz is quickly becoming a forgettable character on the show... he doesn't seem like he came in at all prepared for what was headed his way, and it might be a KO by mercy rule. (On a side note, the costume crew also managed to make Lacey look pretty darn dumpy this week)


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the most hilarious part of the night was when Nancy Grace fell out of her costume several times... and the best they could think of to do was cut to scenes of the audience not clapping and looking like they were at a funeral... when you could hear the applause in the background! hahaha
On a different note... does anyone else think that the music is significantly better this year? They seem to be going mostly back to the dances' roots, which is awesome.

(Let's face it... the "Yankee Doodle Dandy" foxtrot was an all-time low and you can't go anywhere but up from that)


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my 2 cents having seen bits and pieces of it; yes, JR rocked it, regardless of the nit picking (which I actually found to have some merits although I think those horses left the barn on this show a long time ago) beyond JR, I thought rikki was the only other dancer whose legs even minimally approximated jive....and while I have no love at all for Nancy Grace, I give her pro big props for doing a real quickstep instead of flash and trash (not at all impressed with Mark Ballas' version of QS)....um, and I would like to express my deep appreciation for the open shirt group number with Val...as well as his teaching style which sort of works for me :)
Is it just me, or are the "freshman" pros getting booted first this season? IIRC Tristian is the only new pro still in the running. Would have liked to see Chaz go before Elisabetta, though, I thought she had more potential.

I think right now, my top-3 would have to be JR, Hope or Chynna, and probably David. They seem to have the best potential so far.

Griff, I agree on the music... there's still been a few questionable choices, but on the whole much better -- and some good contemporary pieces that fit the dances pretty well (like Breakaway... maybe one of my favorite VW's). But the more... unusual... music seems to get more common later in the season as the dances get harder and the dancers get better.


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for me, the big three are; JR by a mile, followed by Hope and Rikki...

While Elisabetta had WAAAAY more potential to improve, I can see that her attitude killed her with the public and I won't miss her either...but I will dearly miss Val whom I thought was adorable as he said to her that he wished he could have done better by her...are you kidding me dude?...He did a great job.
I think Elisabetta would have deserved to stay a little longer. I was hoping for Chaz that the voters would put him out of pain and let him go. I find him likeable, however, if he is in so much pain in week 2 already, how will he "survive" next week?

My favorites are clearly JR and Hope. Although Carson does not look like a talented dancer, I find him very entertaining and hope he will stay for a couple of weeks.


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I didn't see Ricki's jive until tonight, and honestly my reaction was "I wish my closed bronze routine was that easy." Nothing to do, she barely moved while Derek did tricks. I also question what Derek and Mark's ability to do backflips has to do with either jive OR quickstep. I hope they're both off soon.

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