Dancing With the Stars Season 16


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It was Foxtrot. A little rough around the edges, and her Pro needs to not outdance her and drag her through moves. She doesn't quite have steady footing yet and her upper body/arms need work. But that said, she really seemed to enjoy it. With a little more confidence, she'll be OK.

I have no idea who this woman is, btw.


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Yeah, they explained who she was in the pre-dance segment. I guess what I'm saying is I don't know anything about her (and quite a few of the other "stars":rolleyes:) so it's easier to comment only on the dancing without influence of "Ugh, I can't stand that person!" and judging them more harshly.
Clean slate, more or less.


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Of Lisa? Already described it. Her Pro is overcompensating for her and throwing her off. And I'm already turned off by the sleaze factor he's putting out. OK, we get that male dancers can be very sexy. Stop taking your shirt off and grinding Lisa when it clearly weirds her out and just teach her to dance already! I recognize it was likely played up for TV purposes, but *blech*.


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Just one question. Who are these "stars?" Never heard of most of them.

Honestly, I saw only a fraction of the show, since DS only put up with a few performances before he informed me that the how was, "making [him] bleed inside." lol I didn't feel all that different from DS, or I'd have put up more of a fight. This show has seen better days, for sure. *sigh*


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I thought DWTS jumped the shark tonight.

It could be my crappy mood, but that's how I feel. Jump!!
I kind of agree but will have to see what the non dancers say today at work. They always seem to enjoy it more than I do. I watched the first hour... have the rest on DVR. I just did not know alot of the stars or the pros, so that made it difficult.


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I kind of agree but will have to see what the non dancers say today at work. They always seem to enjoy it more than I do.
Of course, this is also true. I've read quite a few people who were impressed with Jones' dance last night. To be blunt, that confuses me. I'm sorry, but the best thing I could say about it was that I know he was short on practice time due to his knee injury, so there's no inherent reason he can't improve. Gusty busses though.

Of course, having the dance background isn't all bad. I've also seen some people talk about how icky it is for Zendaya to be dancing at her age. All I can say when I see those comments is to hope that those poor people never wander into a real competition and wind up watching open level youth competitors dancing Latin. I'm not sure their hearts could take it. ;-)


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Yep, I agree... top 4 will probably be Dorothy, Kelly, Zendaya and Ingo.

Do you know how they pick the ballroom pros? There are 3 new ones this season, and I have never heard of them, though they all are good. Were they top competitive pros, or is it more TV appeal? I know of course pros like Karina, Tony and Louis were all top pros, but what about the new ones?


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Isn't the new blonde girl from SYTYCD? I didn't think she looked much better than her celebrity...

I'm sure it was the producers egging her on, but geez, Brooke, basically asking Andy Dick "So, is the stress gonna make you fall off the wagon?" Tacky....

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New "Pro" Lindsay Arnold was a contestant on SYTYCD last year. She made it to the top 8.

Lindsay Arnold currently lives in her hometown of Provo, Utah where she was born and raised. Lindsay just recently graduated from Timpview High School and plans to attend Utah Valley University. She has been dancing since she was 4 years old and her specialty is Latin Ballroom.

Q Do you have any formal dance training?
A I have been training with professional Ballroom coaches since age 8 and have taken classes in Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, and Contemporary.


Maybe her plans changed for now?

A few years back I wondered about the youth of some of the new pros, and was sort of lectured about how much they had studied and how talented they were.


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I am glad to hear that people agree with me that last night was the worst ever.
I have been a big fan from the beginning, because, hey, it's my profession on TV.
But last night I couldn't wait for it to be over!
Dogs onstage, public tv amends, what?? And, Brooke, are you worried about your sobriety? That is just wrong.


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I think part of it was that there really were not any "relatable" stars. I like it when they have stars that I remember and was fond of. This year, other than Dorothy Hamill and Sean fresh off the Bachelor, there really is no one on there for me to cheer on.

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