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Hmm. That makes sense -- a lot more sense than the old approach. The only potential problem I see is that I'd now be a lot more dependent on reference materials than in the past. I suppose there's no perfect approach. With the old calorie-based approach, things were pretty straightforward -- 50 calories was a point give or take. Lots and lots of fiber grams might take away a point from a multi-point item. Lots of fat would add point(s.) Easy breezy.

With a nutrient-interaction based approach, there's a lot more science that goes over my head. Not easy. Not breezy. There is a smartphone app, right?

I believe there's an app. I bought the calculator, keep it in my purse.


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Yep. I :google:d it. There are tracking apps for iPhone and Android. I can't tell from the site how this is different than the calculator apps, which are available for Blackberry and Android. Anyway. Looks like WW is firmly into the 21st century. They have lots of cool technology.

They've come a long way from the days (late 70s, IIRC) when my Mom counted every single calorie and had very restrictive food lists, but didn't worry about pretty much anything else. It's a totally different world.


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Hmm, haven't read through the whole thread, but it appears very, uh, point-counting centric. When I was single and could more reasonably control what food appeared in my house, I went low-carb, and dropped all my excess inside of six months. And rediscovered butter in the process, om-nom-nom.
My weight has been creeping up for sometime now and last week decided to do something about it.

So I've got into the routine of going to the gym for an hour each day - using just a Stairmaster.

Today is the 7th day and I have got back on the scales and have lost 3.1KG.
Food wise, I've not had anything inbetween meals and reduced tea drinking to 1 - 2 cups a day and the rest water.
It's quite easy and this week I'll be reducing the bread consumption.

Can already see a difference but got some way to go, need to loose at least another 15KG more.
Oh and in the gym you have to stay focused... eye of the tiger... :cool:
OK, after 13 days of constant daily gym/cutting out snacks I've shifted 5KG :D

I've never seen such a loss in a short time by just using one machine at the gym, which is the Stairmaster. So if you want to see real results then use that solely ;) The Crosstrainer couldn't shift that much in a month!

At my gym there are two flavours of stairmasters;

Old Stairmaster (with LEDs) - Level 12/20 (Fat Burner+) for 60 minutes (with breaks if you like :D ). This version seems a lot harder to do and has a more varied range of climbling compared to the new version... seems the newer type has a cheaper type of programming options...

New Stairmaster (LCD screen) - Level 14/20 (Fat Burner - no plus :( ) for 60 minutes.

It's hard I'll admit but oh so worth it...

Eating wise;

2 slices toast in morning with water or cup of tea.
sandwich for lunch
normal meal at tea

Infact I would go as far to say you can eat pretty much what you like for the normal meals of the day as long as you don't go over the top and leave out alcohol/McDonalds or any other rubbish. Moderation is key!

Now another 10 KGs to go!


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Great going FD!! Keep up the good work.
Note to self - contain ones own jealously that a male can lose weight faster than a female...contain, contain, contain,,,,S C R E A M!!! ARRGGHHHHHHH.


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Cheers :D

I have noticed that staying away from Diet Coke helps (A lot!). I used to get really really groggy drinking that stuff. No more!
The caffeine may play a part, but aspartame will make you groggy, and irritable. It will cause sugar cravings too so its more than likely counterproductive to anyones diet.

Rar! I'm back at it, diet sort of went cake/biscuits route for a week. No more yo-yo for me. Coke is still off the menu though and I seem to be nuts about drinking water :D
Rar! I'm back at it, diet sort of went cake/biscuits route for a week. No more yo-yo for me. Coke is still off the menu though and I seem to be nuts about drinking water :D
Keep at it FD! :) I don't like the gym much personally, but I found high intensity interval cardio worked wonders for me. Might be something useful for you on days with less time?

Exercising at home, I used latin routines so I could work on technique too. 20-30 mins of a jive routine (ca. 90 second) followed by a 30 second recovery, jive routine, recovery... rinse & repeat. Gymwise I guess this would translate to sprints and rests. Boo for machines, guess I'm a dancing luddite. :p
On days when you don't have much time do 15 min of intense jumping, kicking, squatting, boxing etc Mix it all up but push yourself in small 60 sec intervals.

It's only 15 min so it's soon over but it will keep your metabolism up high for hours after.


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Wow. I've really become lax. :-(

Welcome to DF, twothreefourone and Nina22. 2341 So sorry I'm a month late in greeting you. I didn't realize you'd recently joined. :oops:
Thank you pygmalion! I have to say, it's nice to have a forum full of friendly, helpful people to chat with and get advice/support from! There's too much childish bickering on the internet these days, glad to see this place fights the norm.


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Well I've donr it now. I joined ww online. Any getting started tips from people who've tried the new program?
No, I'm still struggling. You'd think free fruits-n-veg would make life easier, but not so much. I'll be watching for any additional tips. I can eat fruit-n-veg 'til the cows come home, but any of the things to make them interesting over time, and any of the things that make it so that I don't end up weak and shaky no matter how much I eat cost a TON of points it seems. Shrug.

That said, the phone/ipod app is pretty cool. Definitely nice--I think it's a nicer interface than the full online wossname. Keeping the calculator on me, so that I can make good choices while I'm grocery shopping is a good thing.

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