disqualifications at ballroom comps

Laura said:
Some USA Dance competitions have created their own "Senior III" category, I don't know what the lower-end age cut-off for that is. It's not an official category, but they still do it.
Such considerate organizers are few and far in beween. Most of them have no respect for old people.

Larinda McRaven

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first ndca comps have too many catagories so people whine and complain that the organizers are money hungry.

then people complain that the organizers have too few catagories and are inconsiderate :roll: :roll:


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True, MQ. I stand behind my assessment of long ago. Participants in these comps should be required to do a few hours of volunteer work on organizing the comp, before they're allowed to enter.

I bet there'd be a lot fewer complaints. :roll: :wink: :lol:

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